Swizard's Obelisk Priest - Odd Version

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This deck is the Odd reimagining of Swizard's Quest Priest:

Refer to their guide for overall strategy, packages and the most useful gameplay tips. I'll just complete it with the Odd version's card choices.

The New Hero Power

Heal Card Image

In general, Heal gives you more healing output compared to the standard version of the deck, giving you a reliable way to complete the quest. Once you finish it, it'll be replaced, but as you'll see later, the Hero Power is not the only reason why this deck is Odd.

Buff Targets

Frazzled Freshman Card Image Reliquary of Souls Card Image Lightspawn Card Image

These cards are the deck's new heal/buff targets. Frazzled Freshman's unique statline makes it fight for the board well in the first few turns. Reliquary of Souls is similarly high health, and it can heal you in small amounts. Not only that, Reliquary Prime gives you a hard to remove target for your buffs in later turns. Lightspawn has an Inner Fire aura, which can quickly grow out of control.


Inner Fire Card Image

Inner Fire is the original Bless, it doesn't give that much stats but it's cheaper and a good Odd replacement.

Kabal Talonpriest Card Image

Overall, the deck is somewhat more focused on buffing Health than just healing damage. Kabal Talonpriest is a high tempo card with good stats and the ability to grow your Lightspawn even larger.

The Finisher

Glitter Moth Card Image Void Ripper Card Image Shard of the Naaru Card Image

The big finisher of the deck that is unique to the Odd version. It's not necessary to play these cards together, but they make a great combo. Glitter Moth makes all that extra Health go even higher, Void Ripper turns all of it into Attack and Shard of the Naaru gives you the opportunity to ignore any Taunts and go face with large Attack minions.

If you have questions or something to say, comment below!

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  • Swizard's Avatar
    Content Squad Wizard 1185 890 Posts Joined 04/30/2020
    Posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    This deck is really cool, and I like how Glitter Moth and Heal fit in along with the other card choices. After playing regular Obelisk priest a ton I am going to play this one a lot, it feels really fresh and a new approach to Obelisk. Thanks for making this Odd version!

    Already got the finisher combo off against a big priest, getting through a taunt wall and dealing a lot of surprise damage:

    • Theodrinus's Avatar
      Hero of Warcraft 1005 296 Posts Joined 12/05/2019
      Posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

      Wow, you've actually tried the deck! I'm glad you like it. Even though I never expected anyone to have success with it, it's great to hear that the deck feels good to play and that it works well in practice.

      I really like your decks and your guides btw, please keep doing them!


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