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My first attempt at a Dire Frenzy-style deck, that also includes Nathanos and a couple of DeathRattles to copy. 

I really like Stormpike Ram, and think it's great tempo, so likely will work in this deck. I think Imported Tarantula is probably the second best choice for a deck like this, the poison and rush will really help us out (this is why I only have 1 x Serpent Bloom, I want to see if we have enough Poison with this and the 2 x Tarantula + Nathanos)

Have been into Dire Frenzy decks since the card was first released, and had noticed that it was in the Core set recently. I seen a deck someone else made that I have been playing, and have been having a lot of fun with it, and winning games. I used this deck as a template to create this new deck. Sorry I do not know who actually originally created the deck. 

If you think this idea looks interesting, and would like to test it out, please tell me your thoughts. I'd love to hear what you think. 


PS: getting dire frenzy on Huffer is nuts. if you have the chance to do this, always do it. 

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