Magic vs Science: A Battle Between Voss and Gazlowe

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      To witness the battle between Voss and Gazlowe. Voss believes in magic because she thirsts for power, while Gazlowe thinks otherwise: He believes that any civilization will have a bright future only if followed the footsteps of science...


Lilian Voss Card ImageGazlowe Card Image



      Are you curious as to why they are fighting? It's quite simple...


Lorewalker Cho Card ImageBurgly Bully Card ImageTrade Prince Gallywix Card Image


      Voss and Gazlowe want to use spells generated from these guys illustrated above to either:

  • To gain more power by transforming all spells in your hand (Voss)
  • Or craft more Mechs from the past and the future to advance further (Gazlowe)


     Now you know what they are up to...


Tomb Pillager Card ImageXaril, Poisoned Mind Card ImageMechanical Yeti Card ImageNexus-Champion Saraad Card Image


     You can choose your side when they generate tokens for you. Before you share your decision in Comments section, here are other important cards that help you understand how to play this deck...


  • Roll the BonesYou have 13 Deathrattle cards in this deck. Thus, you will have an approximately 50% chance to hit a Deathrattle card, so that you can draw another card.
  • Sahket SapperNew addition from Uldum expansion, this card can be a game-changer. Sap as a body can be a serious threat that your opponent seriously needs to consider. Equip Necrium Blade and swing on turn 3, then play her and swing again to push your opponent back.
  • Necrium BladeAs mentioned above, last swing can be a game-changer to activate cool abilities of your Deathrattle minions such as Sylvanas Windrunner.
  • Spiritsinger UmbraJust like Necrium Blade, activate the abilities of Deathrattle minions.
  • Kel'ThuzadActs as semi-N'Zoth if utilized well. Summoning more Legendaries with Sneed's Old Shredder is pretty cool to watch.
  • Lorewalker ChoI love memes, I love Pandarens. From Warcraft III, I loved Chen Stormstout, so give Cho a chance. You have only 5 spells in your deck and it's quite impossible for you to gift a spell to your opponent by accident. However, I'm sure your opponent will.



     You don't like my strategy or you lack some cards? Either way, here is your bundle to take a different approach...


     1. Maiev is Rattling to Death!

     Rather than Voss/Gazlowe approach, this package emphasizes on Deathrattle strategy. Have a look if you wish...


Lorewalker Cho Card ImageExplosive Sheep Card Image
Lilian Voss Card ImagePlated Beetle Card Image
Gazlowe Card ImageKhartut Defender Card Image
Trade Prince Gallywix Card ImagePiloted Shredder Card Image
Burgly Bully Card ImageSludge Belcher Card Image


    Also, try these Deathrattle cards below. So, Roll the Bones with...


Undercity Huckster Card ImageKaboom Bot Card ImageShallow Gravedigger Card Image


     Now is the time to choose your side: Magic or Science? Feel free to share your thoughts below and have fun in Wild format!

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