Tess Nozwhisker

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For your starting hand i suggest you to mulligan for Raiding Party and one copy of Preparation or Backstab, as it'll allow you to draw Hench-Clan Burglar (it can help you to activate Underbelly Fence and Vendetta faster in mirror matchups) and Spectral Cutlass early.

This deck is using Archmage Vargoth as it have positive synergy with Fan of Knives and Deadly Poison (double draw/aoe and bigger weapon/heal). Keep at least one copy of Academic Espionage and Preparation to combo with Tak Nozwhisker. As a win condition we'll use Tess Greymane aka Yogg 2.0. In games against combo decks use Hecklebot combined with any big minion removal included in the deck (or created by other cards).

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