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So yes, this isn't a very good deck, I'll caution you, but I have won with it and Desert Obelisk got me those wins.

How, you may ask? It's simple, survive using the quest, randomly generated cards, Lackeys, Tess Greymane, Zilliax. Then, at 10 mana, you can go Augmented Elekk, Desert Obelisk, Preparation, Shadow of Death.

That is the ideal scenario, but you can most certainly just use Desert Obelisk and Shadow of Death, perhaps with Preparation if you don't want to let Obelisk linger for a turn. However, most people won't take the Obelisk serious right away and if they do, that's 5 damage that isn't going to face.

I'm sure the deck can use improvement, but I'm happy I got something halfway working as a Tier 5 deck.

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