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Quest Camel Hunter

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Some of you may remember my Camel Hunter ft. Spirit of the Lynx from a few months ago, well now it's back and ready to help Unseal the Vault!

The overall gameplan of Unseal the Vault is quite similar to what I was already doing with Spirit of the Lynx, so I decided to crank up the token summoning and make it a quest deck.

Having a permanent Savage Roar for your Hero Power is nuts for this deck.  I was actually testing Dinomancy in the old deck for a while with moderate success and Ramkahen RoarBADCARDNAME is just miles better than it!

Because there are only a few 1-drops in the deck to maximize Desert Camel, spending turn 1 playing the quest isn't too big of a deal since you didn't always have something to play anyway.

The other new cards Desert Spear and Swarm of Locusts have great synergy with Spirit of the Lynx and also provide a 1 mana Rush target for Dire Frenzy to beef up your Desert Camel pulls.  Desert Spear especially since it curves right into Dire Frenzy.

Most of the other cards in the deck are just carried over from my previous Camel Hunter deck, but I've included Timber Wolf as the second 1-drop because of it's synergy with all the Beast summoning going on.

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  • Parkettboden's Avatar 120 22 Posts Joined 06/05/2019
    Posted 1 year, 11 months ago

    Nice deck idea. Played several games without Master's Call (don't have these cards) for testing, makes fun!

    At least a meaningful use of the hunter quest and Halazzi, the Lynx :-)


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