Elemental Chaos

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This is not quite Casino Mage though it runs its fair share of "random" cards. The goal is simple: have fun, watch crazy things happen. The elemental package with Jaina helps you by giving you some survivability and enables the spellstone. Most aggro decks simply eat you for breakfast but against slower decks or other homebrew decks, you have a chance to shine (I've only played this on casual).


Card breakdown:

Babbling Book: okayish turn one play, ping target for Jaina later

Fire Fly: good turn one play, spellstone enabler, creates a token that can help fill out the curve later

Flame Geyser: mostly for removal in the early game, gives you an elemental token

Lesser Ruby Spellstone: we want random spells, that's why we play this deck; with the amount of elementals available, it should be upgraded easily to stage 2, mostly even stage 3, thus a better Cabalist's Tome

Primordial Glyph: decent chance of discovering something useful even though the wild card pool has quite some duds

Pyros: okay on turn two, spellstone enabler, after it dies, you have something to curve into later

Shimmering Tempest: okayish turn two play against classes without pings, spellstone enabler, card generator, ping target for Jaina later

Sorcerer's Apprentice: sometimes you generate quite some spells, Apprentice helps you to play them

Tar Creeper: good defensive minion, especially with lifesteal later, spellstone enabler

Arcane Intellect: included since the deck runs no other card draw, often not really necessary as you create a lot of cards

Spellslinger: something to play on turn three that can trade, card generator - just hope he doesn't give your opponent something broken

Leyline Manipulator: MVP of the deck, discounts all the generated spells but also the elemental tokens from Fire Fly and Flame Geyser as well as the second and third form of Pyros and minions you get from spells such as Echo of Medivh or Simulacrum, enables spellstone if necessary but is better played after the spellstone to discount the spells you received

Deck of Wonders: fun cards but hard to play since you don't want to do nothing on turn five, better play it later with fewer cards in the deck

Tortollan Pilgrim: ideally, this let's you play even more Puzzle Boxes, with six spells in the deck, you got a 50% chance to get Puzzle Box; if you are not offered the box, Deck of Wonders is also good; you don't want Flame Geyser and prefer Glyph over Spellstone

Frost Lich Jaina: we want to reach the late game to play the real fun bits of our deck, Jaine helps us do that; and sometimes she wins games on her own

Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron: fun times, so far has almost never let me down

Yogg-Saron, Hope's End: still with the tendency to kill itself but also fun times, should be well-fed with the amount of spells in the deck and generated throughout the game

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