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So I happened to get the Priest quest in the free pack today and decided to try it out. Rather than going for value and a long game, I wondered if something like an aggro or zoo priest could work. The answer is, I believe, that it can. This is, of course, not a deck you can pilot to legend. Or maybe you can, I wouldn't know.

As you can see, I am using both Magic Carpet and Spirit of the Dead and I'm fairly happy with them. I am not using Inner Fire or Divine Spirit. Those could be used instead of Holy Ripple and Lightwarden. Indeed, Holy Ripple is the card in the deck I'm least sure of. I have considered if Sandhoof Waterbearer isn't better, but a 5-drop might be too slow in this deck.

On another note, this deck can't beat Muckmorpher shaman. If you come against one of those, might as well give up. The deck isn't fast enough and can't reload using just their hero power like a Warlock can.

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