Wild Shooting Gallery

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Total Combo Kill since the dreadsteadBADCARDNAME nerf to trigger only at the end of turn.

I think that Supreme Archaeology is at home in this deck simply because you are trying to draw into your combo of DefileKnife JugglerGrim Patron, and Deathspeaker and any reduction in cost is helpful. 

Stupid fun deck... triggers pretty easily as well.  Step one... draw a bunch of cards to thin out the deck.  Step two... get the combo in hand.  Step three... Let the Knife Juggler do it's job.

The object is to dray into your combo, and let the damage go nuts since Grim Patron keeps replicating itself. You are aiming to get the Grim Patron on the board, drop a Knife Juggler, hit that with the Deathspeaker, and kick off Defile.  There is a good amount of removal thus far, so it can help protect you while to set up the combo.

It's not a kill all... but it works against a lot of different decks  Give it a shot and please let me know your feedback  Happy Shootin'!

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