[DD] Niddo's Quest Warrior

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This is TheNiddo's Quest Warrior which was featured by Firebat on Deck Doctor on 8/27/19.

TheNiddo describes the deck as, "Bombs punish decks digging for answers/provide you with another win con. Quest gives you more gas against controlly decks. Mulligan quest when needed."

Please join us in the Deck Doctor Challenge thread if you'd like to discuss this deck or share your own take on the archetype!

The deck code for Firebat's version is:  AAECAQcI96gDm/MCn7cDkAfyqAOggAOIhwOqBguiBJ3wAoKoA7ulA/T1AvWoA/8Hn6EDS577AvaoAwA=

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