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Hello Everyone!

This is my iteration of Aggro Quest Priest for wild only.

Why Aggro Quest Priest?

This is a deck based on the minion Psychopomp. This is an incredible strong card in the right deck, and the right deck is a fast aggro deck based upon minion with good deathrattle/end of turn/passive effects. The quest exist as a win condition against slower deck that can survive the first wave of aggressive minions.

How does this work?

This is an aggro minion based deck. So it is (or better, it seems) easy to play: try to get the best curve. You have lots of good minions to play on curve. While you are playing, you use your hero power to make better trade (you should prioritize healing your minion over healing yourself) to advance the quest. When the quest is over, every minion you will drop will be big, and every turn they'll become even bigger.
Obviously this is an aggro deck, so expect to lose your steam after a while. If your aggression will fail, your only weapon is the quest's hero power. If you are against a control deck that can manage this, it's over. Don't worry: as this is a fast deck, you'll have more time to gain star then time to be sorry for the stars you may have lost.

The parts of this deck:

  • the aggro part: fast minions that can be very dangerous on their own, like Vicious Fledgling, or minions that synergize with the priest healing and that are nice to resurrect like Injured Blademaster or Mana Geode (this one is better then you think!).
  • the buff parts: minions that buff other minions AND that are good to be resurrected: Grandmummy, Shadow Ascendant or Cobalt Scalebane
  • the draw and heal: Northshire Cleric is gold here, and with Circle of Healing she can become better then Myra's Unstable Element while advancing the quest. Greater Healing Potion is added both as a pseudo Reno Jackson against aggro deck and as one potion is almost enough to end the quest.
  • the resurrection engine: this is a tempo based engine, so it uses minions that resurrect (instead of the classical spells of Big Priest, better to use with huge minions than fast ones). They mean that you can play a full board out of nowhere, and that is really good.

How to play this deck:

This isn't a deck that can play well the control role, but actually it can be played either as a face deck or as a zoo-like deck. Remember the first rule of this deck: it is better to play a 1 drop then to play the quest on turn 1. Play the cleric if you have her. The quest is useless until you have something to heal.

Against faster deck:

Think of this deck as a zoo priest. Try to trade everything they'll prepare for you, because in the long run, you have enough healing to survive everything and the new hero power will make the hunted the hunter. You just need to trade, to use your hero power for making better trade, to capitalize healing synergize (here Mana Geode and his ability to summon token is golden). When the time is right, put the next gear and kill them!

Against slower deck:

This deck is one able to build an incredible board in the first turns. Try to capitalize on synergies, and try to keep pushing with resurrect minions. You can deply a huge ammount of damage in the first turns, enough to defeat some slower deck like big priest. The priest don't trade, me go face! 
If it isn't enough, you'll complete the quest, and then you'll drop big minions every turn. This again can be enough expecially with a bit of luck. If it isn't enough... Well... There is always a next game, right?

Tech card:

I don't feel that tech card are that needed, however:

  • against combo you don't need anything: your speed is your tech
  • against aggro you should be armed well. But you can tech an ooze if weapon based aggro are rampant (like Kingsbane rogue or pirate warrior) or eater of secret for secret mage/hunter
  • against combo again, speed is your weapon.

There is actually a tech that is the Dragonfire Potion that is meant to be some sort of "everything is screwed, at least I can clean the board" card. Every aoe is good here, and the card can be swapped away for other better guns for your personal meta.

Mulligan guide:

  • always try to find a good curve
  • keep the clerics and the 2 drops is almost always a good idea

Budget version:

The deck can be played even as a questless version if you don't own it or if you don't like it. Just drop the quest and the potions for a couple of 1 drop. Everything is good to be resurrected can be played here. The questless version is a legendary free deck.
For the epics, the Dragonfire Potion can be swapped for other aoes or for a tech card of your choice. The Mana Geode are good but can be swapped for other good 2 mana minions good to be resurrected, like Grandmummy or haunted creeper. Vivid Nightmare can be swapped for a Resurrect. Instead, Psychopomp are the hearth of the deck and should not be swapped.



Oh, and remember to pretend to be a big priest player while the opponent is mulligan ;)

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