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LEGEND Mech/Pirate Rogue

Last updated 8 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Archetype Tempo Rogue
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Views 1122
  • Crafting Cost 10120
  • Your Cost 10120
Naill's Avatar Registered User 4

Hey folks, just hit legend with another rogue deck I came up with featuring mechs and pirates. I didn't encounter anyone else playing this archetype at the moment so I thought I'd share. It's a pretty simple, straightforward deck and does well or neutral against all the other current meta decks outside of shaman. I should warn you that it's not the best to climb with right now because this deck just can't handle Shaman's insane high-rolls and Evolve boards, but it's still possible to rank up anyway. 

Gameplan: This is a simple tempo deck capitalizing on synergy between mechs and pirates. You have plenty of sticky deathrattle minions ensuring that it's hard to clear your board and that you'll have a magnetize target. You also have good value generation and card draw through cards such as Pharoah Cat, Heistbaron Togwaggle, Captain Hooktusk, etc. Only having four combo cards ensures that with Cursed Castaway you consistently draw your Eviscerates for lethal and EVIL Miscreants for Heistbaron Togwaggle. Know when to be aggressive and go face and when to trade efficiently. 

Mulligans: You're always looking for those crucial 1 drops and a good starting curve. The nice thing about Pharaoh Cat is that it will often net you a following 2 drop. In general, throw back pirate cards because you want to pull them later with Captain Hooktusk. The exception will be Nightmare Amalgam if you're setting up a good curve. Throw back your combo cards as well to pull them later with Cursed Castaway. The exception is EVIL Miscreant with the coin. IF you have a good starting curve, sometimes keeping Captain Hooktusk is correct as she's so incredibly strong against other aggressive decks. 

Thanks for checking the deck and guide out. If you like it feel free to give a like so others can see it too. If you have questions or comments post down below and I'll respond. Best of luck climbing everyone!

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