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As you can see, this deck is only for fun. Normally I run Marin the Fox in my deck, in order to fill the opponent's board with useless treasures, but this tilme I want to try Heistbaron Togwaggle. There is no specific combo for him; you can always play a Malygos deck or something in those lines, if you care more about winning.

Anyway, for people, who aren't aware of this deck, your game-plan is the following one:

1) Draw;
2) Survive
3) Repeat 1 and 2, until you find the combo pieces (Shadowcaster + Spirit of the Shark + Valeera the Hollow +Elise Starseeker)
4) Play them
5) ????
6) Profit

Those are the most important tools to deny fatigue. You should save Antique Healbot for it as well, in order to deny your opponent from killing you, and either Vilespine Slayer or Mind Control Tech for dealing with the opponent's board afterwards. If you want to make your deck memeier, you can add other fun battlecry/combo minions there.

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