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Dinosaur Wishes

Last updated 7 months, 1 week ago
  • Archetype Reno Hunter
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Views 431
  • Crafting Cost 11880
  • Your Cost 11880
ArcticFox's Avatar Registered User 2

Dinosaur Wishes

Greetings Traveler,

This is my variation on Esparanta's Reno! Where are My Spells? from a couple of months back. I was able to get to Rank 5 on Wild Ladder (in November 2019) with this deck (from Rank 10.) While Esparanta went with two minions in his deck, my deck pushes the deck to five minions. 


The Minions:

Reno Jackson Card Image Subject 9 Card Image Dinotamer Brann Card Image


Zephrys the Great Card Image Stitched Tracker Card Image

Reliability Is the Game:

While I was looking at Esparanta's deck, it was Aurin777's idea to include Stitched Tracker. I included it and wow it is a powerful card. While there are new and very shiny legendaries, the MVP is Reno Jackson. For Mage matchups Reno Jackson is the most important card to get to. In order to survive many different match ups I rely on hunter's unique-ish ability to discover a card from its deck using Stitched Tracker and Master's Call to help deliver whatever is needed to my hand. Often times, I don't need cards but if I do then I pull Subject 9 on turn 4, play Subject 9 on turn 5. Then play three secrets on turn six and my deck has become thinned out of cards to help pull better more powerful cards. Sometimes, I even burn a card because the next turn is so powerful (I especially don't mind doing this if I already have what I need in my hand.) A nice turn 7 can be Dinotamer Brann on curve. I believe that more than five minions in this style deck would break the deck's discover pool for Stitched Tracker and Master's Call. This deck may not be the most powerful out on Hearthstone by a long shot but it is insanely reliable and when your opponent doesn't know about this deck then it is even more powerful.

A Wild Combo Appears!

Sometimes, you will have a deck capable of 16 damage in a turn! This is dependent on getting the The Coin. The combo is pretty simple:

Dinotamer Brann + The Coin + Zephrys the Great + Windfury = 16 damage. This a great way to surprise kill the opponent. Another way to surprise your opponent is with random secrets and/or zombeasts + Zephrys the Great. There are crazy combos that randomly show because of Deathstalker Rexxar and Zephrys the Great.

Hints and Tricks:

-The most powerful cards to play before Zul'jin are Crushing Walls and Call of the Wild. Some targeting spells can backfire and kill your own minions but can be helpful when dealing with aggro decks so be mindful of the cards that you use. Also keep in mind that Zul'jin can play Flare without concern for Counterspell this may open up lethal sometimes.

-Try to play Zul'jin before Deathstalker Rexxar

-Play on Curve and don't worry about running out of cards in your hand. You should be able to get something with Subject 9, Hunter's Pack, and Deathstalker Rexxar. Plus you have cards that can conditionally help you like quickshot, Master's Call, Flare, Secret Plan, and Marked Shot.

-For aggro decks and mage decks... prioritize survival with Reno Jackson.

-For mage decks, try to activate their secrets and leave them secret-less so their minions have nothing to activate against. The hardest secrets to deal with are Duplicate and Ice Block...

-Try to play Cat Trick, Venomstrike Trap, and wondering monster earlier and Snipe later around turn 3 or 4 so they play a three or four mana minion into Snipe.

- Zephrys the Great can't read your mind so you have to leave it with the mana that you need to do the task you want. Check out Hearthstone Top Deck's article

A Quick Note of Caution:

While this deck was used on the ladder, this is not the best deck for laddering quickly.

Make Your Own Version and list it below:

I wanted to ask OOC to help me to refine this deck. Remember that all lists must include a minus and plus list. I don't think this deck can sustain more than 5 minions in the deck or else certain components become less reliable such as Stitched Tracker and Master's Call

I found a very different version of this deck on HSReplay.

Best Wishes!

Arctic Fox

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  • KANSAS's Avatar Oko 1020 1944 Posts Joined 03/25/2019
    Posted 7 months, 1 week ago

    Stitched Tracker is an amazing idea.

    I was playing Master's Call in my reno decks and it was super helpful being able to get brann on 7, or get that extra fireball from zephrys way more consistently. It never occurred to me to add stitched tracker though. 

  • metzger's Avatar 200 27 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
    Posted 7 months, 1 week ago

    So many secrets and no Emerald Spellstone? No Unleash the Beast either? Do you not like them for some reason?

    • ArcticFox's Avatar Zombie 225 95 Posts Joined 05/30/2019
      Posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago

      Thank you for your interest. Here are my current thoughts on the two cards you recommended.

      For me, I don't like Lesser Emerald Spellstone because I can't seem to get more than two wolves out of it because of the situations I find myself in. Most games Lesser Emerald Spellstone just doesn't pop up but the games that it did show, the situation called for a more immediate spell which leads me to my thoughts on your second card. I love the card Unleash the Beast however I wasn't sure what card to remove for the deck. I could use additional guidance on that. I removed flanked strike and replaced it with Unleash the Beast I did notice that it was more mana against counterspell mage secrets but besides that... I really really like Unleash the Beast. Unleash the Beast has great synergy when I play Zul'jin and also removes the bad synergy that Flanked strike has against my beast companions.

      What card would you recommend removing for Unleash the Beast? Is Flanked strike a good choice? Can you think of cards from the new set that may also work?

      I really appreciate you all!!!


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