Rastakhan's Rumble Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

Prepare to be trolled by Hearthstone's 10th Expansion, Rastakhan's Rumble. It released on December 4th 2018 - Patch Notes

Expansion Overview

This expansion takes us to King Rastakhan's Arena in Stranglethorn for a good old-fashioned bout of gladiatorial combat. Amongst the typical 135 cards, you can expect to see:

  • New Legendaries - Champions will represent their team and battle for their Loa. They will also appear in the Rumble Run as opponents.
  • Legendary Loa - Each class has a patron Loa to which it has pledged itself, and they appear to us in the form of Legendary minions.
  • Stealthy Spirits - Each class has a new 'Spirit' minion that works with the Loa. These are 0-Attack minions with temporary Stealth.
  • New Keyword - Overkill will trigger an effect if more damage was done than the target had health.
  • New Single Player Mode - In Rumble Run you choose a Shrine and build your deck around it's unique effects. Completing a run will unlock a special card back.

Free Stuff!

Players that logged in during the launch period received:

  • One random Legendary Loa, complete with two copies of the corresponding Spirit (C'Thun wants to know your location)
  • Six Rastakhan's Rumble card packs


There were two bundles for for this expansion. Instead of having a deluxe version of a bundle, a modestly priced cheaper version was available.

Challenger's Bundle

  • "Ready to Rumble" Card Back
  • 17 Rastakhan's Rumble card packs
  • Priced at $19.99 USD

Rumble Bundle

  • New Alternate Shaman Hero: King Rastakhan
  • "Ready to Rumble" Card Back
  • 50 Rastakhan's Rumble card packs
  • Priced at $49.99 USD

King Rastakhan Emotes

  • Thanks - "I thank you."
  • Well played - "Most impressive."
  • Greetings - "Welcome! You may bow before me."
  • Wow - "How can dis be?"
  • Oops - "Dese things happen."
  • Threaten - "Tremble before me!"


This new keyword will trigger an effect if more damage was done than the target had health. 14 cards were released with this keyword in this set:

Akali, the Rhino Card ImageArena Patron Card ImageBaited Arrow Card ImageBlast Wave Card ImageFarraki Battleaxe Card Image
Gurubashi Chicken Card ImageHalf-Time Scavenger Card ImageIronhide Direhorn Card ImageLinecracker Card ImageOondasta Card Image
Sightless Ranger Card ImageSul'thraze Card ImageTicket Scalper Card ImageTotemic Smash Card Image

Rumble Run

In this single-player mode you begin as a troll, Rikkar. You goal is to choose a shrine of your own and overcome all 8 of the other classes' champions.

  • Available for free in Solo Adventures.
  • Plenty of challenges and replay value.
  • Choose one of three shrines. Each one represents a class and gives you an advantage, along with a particular starting deck.
  • The remaining 8 classes will be the encounters that lie before you.
  • Shrines are a permanent fixture on the board; destruction only puts them on a cooldown for 3 turns.
  • Begin with 10 health and progressively increase your power with each victory.
  • Choose new cards from many different pools and even acquire new teammates.
  • Last long enough and you may earn a passive ability.

Rumble Structure

ClassTeamChampionLegendary LoasStealthy SpiritsShrines
DruidRaptorsWardruid LotiGonk, the Raptor Card ImageSpirit of the Raptor Card ImageGonk's Armament
Gonk's Mark
Bonds of Balance

Loti keeps her distance from the other Rumble competitors, preferring the company of her dinosaur loa Gonk and other scaled companions.
Druids will discover that she’s a master of shapeshifting and claw-to-hand combat.

HunterLynxZul'jinHalazzi, the Lynx Card ImageSpirit of the Lynx Card ImageHalazzi's Trap
Halazzi's Hunt
Halazzi's Guise
Warlord Zul’jin is reckless, bitter, and has a chip on his shoulder that’s even bigger than his blade.
He’s is more than willing to unleash the primal power of Halazzi the Lynx loa upon his competitors, but he’s got a special knack for the mystical side of the hunt.
MageDragonhawksHex Lord MalacrassJan'alai, the Dragonhawk Card ImageSpirit of the Dragonhawk Card ImageJan'alai's Mantle
Jan'alai's Flame
Jan'alai's Progeny

The fury of Jan’alai the Dragonhawk loa fuels Malacrass’s fire on the Rumble field. Despite a flair for the dramatic, Malacrass is a clever opponent.
He’ll give Mages who are willing to plan ahead access to useful resources.

PaladinTigersHigh Priest ThekalShirvallah, the Tiger Card ImageSpirit of the Tiger Card ImageShirvallah's Protection
Shirvallah's Vengeance
Shirvallah's Grace

This master fighter is a fan favorite! Wielding the Light as a weapon, he can use his healing energy in ways Paladins haven't seen before.
Confident to a fault, Thekal moves almost as quickly as he talks, dancing around his opponents for the crowd.

PriestDeadPrincess TalanjiBwonsamdi, the Dead Card ImageSpirit of the Dead Card ImageBwonsamdi's Sanctum
Bwonsamdi's Tome
Bwonsamdi's Covenant

As princess of the Zandalari Empire, Rastakhan’s own daughter calls the loa of the dead, Bwonsamdi, her companion.
Talanji will aid Priests in turning their foes’ own might against them if forced to fight.

RogueSharksCaptain HooktuskGral, the Shark Card ImageSpirit of the Shark Card ImageBottled Terror
Treasure from Below
Pirate's Mark

This charming and flashy pirate has come ashore to claim her share of glory in the Rumble, and she’ll lie, cheat, and steal to get it!
Rogues who choose Captain Hooktusk as their champion will find that she rarely goes anywhere without her loyal crew.

ShamanFrogsZentimoKrag'wa, the Frog Card ImageSpirit of the Frog Card ImageKrag'wa's Lure
Tribute from the Tides
Krag'wa's Grace
The crowd finds this witch doctor mysterious, quiet, and more than a little unsettling.
He’s content to let his giant frog loa, Krag’wa, do the fighting while he helps Shamans master channeling elemental magic.
WarlockBatsHigh Priestess JeklikHir'eek, the Bat Card ImageSpirit of the Bat Card ImageBlood Pact
Dark Reliquary
Hir'eek's Hunger

The shrieking, shadow-skulking aspirant of the bat loa Hir’eek revels in the boos she gets from the crowd.
Warlocks willing to make the right sacrifices will find Jeklik a useful champion who seems to be everywhere at once.

WarriorRhinosWar Master VooneAkali, the Rhino Card ImageSpirit of the Rhino Card ImageAkali's Champion
Akali's War Drum
Akali's Horn

There's not a lot to say about the Rhinos' strategy, save that there isn't one.
Brute force will get the job done as far as Voone is concerned, and you can be sure the party will be legendary.

Revealed Cards


Gonk, the Raptor Card Image Wardruid Loti Card Image Stampeding Roar Card Image Treespeaker Card Image Mark of the Loa Card Image Predatory Instincts Card Image Spirit of the Raptor Card Image Ironhide Direhorn Card Image Savage Striker Card Image Pounce Card Image


Zul'jin Card Image Halazzi, the Lynx Card Image Master's Call Card Image The Beast Within Card Image Spirit of the Lynx Card Image Bloodscalp Strategist Card Image Revenge of the Wild Card Image Baited Arrow Card Image Headhunter's Hatchet Card Image Springpaw Card Image


Shirvallah, the Tiger Card Image High Priest Thekal Card Image A New Challenger... Card Image Immortal Prelate Card Image Farraki Battleaxe Card Image Spirit of the Tiger Card Image Zandalari Templar Card Image Time Out! Card Image Flash of Light Card Image Bloodclaw Card Image


Princess Talanji Card Image Bwonsamdi, the Dead Card Image Surrender to Madness Card Image Auchenai Phantasm Card Image Grave Horror Card Image Mass Hysteria Card Image Spirit of the Dead Card Image Sand Drudge Card Image Seance Card Image Regenerate Card Image


Captain Hooktusk Card Image Gral, the Shark Card Image Gurubashi Hypemon Card Image Cannon Barrage Card Image Raiding Party Card Image Spirit of the Shark Card Image Bloodsail Howler Card Image Walk the Plank Card Image Stolen Steel Card Image Serrated Tooth Card Image


Krag'wa, the Frog Card Image Zentimo Card Image Haunting Visions Card Image Big Bad Voodoo Card Image Bog Slosher Card Image Spirit of the Frog Card Image Likkim Card Image Rain of Toads Card Image Totemic Smash Card Image Wartbringer Card Image


Hir'eek, the Bat Card Image High Priestess Jeklik Card Image Void Contract Card Image Soulwarden Card Image Spirit of the Bat Card Image Shriek Card Image Grim Rally Card Image Demonbolt Card Image Blood Troll Sapper Card Image Reckless Diretroll Card Image


Akali, the Rhino Card Image War Master Voone Card Image Sul'thraze Card Image Smolderthorn Lancer Card Image Heavy Metal! Card Image Emberscale Drake Card Image Spirit of the Rhino Card Image Overlord's Whip Card Image Dragon Roar Card Image Devastate Card Image


Hex Lord Malacrass Card Image Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk Card Image Blast Wave Card Image Splitting Image Card Image Scorch Card Image Pyromaniac Card Image Spirit of the Dragonhawk Card Image Arcanosaur Card Image Daring Fire-Eater Card Image Elemental Evocation Card Image


Hakkar, the Soulflayer Card Image Oondasta Card Image Da Undatakah Card Image Mojomaster Zihi Card Image Griftah Card Image Linecracker Card Image Crowd Roaster Card Image Mosh'Ogg Announcer Card Image Snapjaw Shellfighter Card Image Ice Cream Peddler Card Image Masked Contender Card Image Drakkari Trickster Card Image Untamed Beastmaster Card Image Gurubashi Offering Card Image Arena Patron Card Image Murloc Tastyfin Card Image Serpent Ward Card Image Booty Bay Bookie Card Image Soup Vendor Card Image Belligerent Gnome Card Image Waterboy Card Image Firetree Witchdoctor Card Image Shieldbreaker Card Image Mosh'Ogg Enforcer Card Image Rabble Bouncer Card Image Amani War Bear Card Image Dragonmaw Scorcher Card Image Former Champ Card Image Sightless Ranger Card Image Regeneratin' Thug Card Image Ticket Scalper Card Image Arena Treasure Chest Card Image Rumbletusk Shaker Card Image Arena Fanatic Card Image Half-Time Scavenger Card Image Banana Buffoon Card Image Ornery Tortoise Card Image Sharkfin Fan Card Image Cheaty Anklebiter Card Image Dozing Marksman Card Image Scarab Egg Card Image Spellzerker Card Image Saronite Taskmaster Card Image Gurubashi Chicken Card Image Helpless Hatchling Card Image

Card Backs & Packs

Ready to Rumble
Rumble Runner
Card Pack

Game Board

Cinematic Trailer

Initial Reveal VOD

Final Card Reveal VOD


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