Hearthstone's March of the Lich King which brought the Death Knight class to the game also did us a solid and brought back some of World of Warcraft's Trading Card Game art to Hearthstone. When Hearthstone first came out, the vast majority of art in the game came from the TCG, but as time went on, Hearthstone gained its own identity and received brand new art for most of its cards, rarely bringing back the classic pieces.

Blizzard has decided to bring back some original card art though this time around, and some of it will be recolored to fit the rune themes on Death Knights according to Celestalon.

Quote From Celestalon

Yep! There are several TCG art pieces in the expansion. In a couple cases, we tweaked them to fit gameplay (like Obliterate here getting a red color adjustment to fit as a blood-runed physical ability).

The Old Becomes New Again

Let's see the origins of some of the art featured in March of the Lich King. Please note that cards below may be from March of the Lich King, Path of Arthas, or Death Knight's 2022 Core Set.

Anti-Magic Shell / Shield of Distortion

Anti-Magic Shell Card Image

Battlefield Necromancer / Impede

Battlefield Necromancer Card Image

Chillfallen Baron / Field Commander Olinnae

Chillfallen Baron Card Image


Frostmourne Card Image

Grave Strength / Ghoulish Epidemic

Grave Strength Card Image

Horn of Winter

Horn of Winter Card Image

Icy Touch

Icy Touch Card Image

Malignant Horror / Plague Eruptor

Malignant Horror Card Image

Obliterate / Will From Beyond

Obliterate Card Image

Rimefang Sword / Stormfury, Black Blade of the Betrayer

Rimefang Sword Card Image