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Hey i'm Brandon, and i am a hearthstone player, and my favorite classes are (Burgle) Rogue, Controllock, Casino Mage and MOST* highlander Decks. (*Raza Priest is the exception.) 

I started playing Hearthstone during Naxramas, but stopped playing for a long time. (Because i found the game too p2w back then) I returned when Cobolds & Catacombs Dungeon Run was released and i was hooked ever since.

I like to try out different decks and play as diverse as possible. I used Hearthpwn to look what other people came up with (Mostly fun looking Off-meta Decks). But as this website is a way better HearthPWN and continues to be improved. Also it has the (Pretty much) same awesome Mod Team, so i gladly switched over! You might not see me comment too much, because i'm a bit shy and prefer to "lurk" around, but i gladly take part in discussions about new cards, theory-crafts, and sometimes some other discussions. Also i generally don't post my decks, but if i do it's only when i truly think it's something others would enjoy.

I love playing FUN decks, and i really like playing RNG decks because it always keeps the game exciting. However i really dislike/hate RNG decks that are just "hey let me slot in every removal spell/minion ever and generate infinite value from 1 card" (*ahem. Galakrond Priest). A true FUN rng deck i.m.o. is a deck that is both fun to play, and fun/not that big of a bother to play against. (And it must include some bad cards like Spellslinger, or the The Amazing Reno into Grizzled Wizard into Sideshow Spelleater combo, to allow your opponent to have fun as well. It aint fun unless your both having fun.)

Another thing is that i love to try make bad decks like Ashes of Outland Libram paladin work, but once they become good/meta i often hardly play the deck and move on to another bad archetype. Mainly because i feel bad playing the deck when it's meta, because i don't want to be a "meta slave". Why can't bad archetypes get buffed when a new set releases into a good/mid tier 2 deck, instead of a over the top dominating tier 1 deck? :(

Right now i HATE Weapon Rogue because it's way too strong, you know it's bad when 2x oozo is a must-include in almost any deck. I also hate Ress & Raza priest because their really annoying to play against, AND i also hate Secret mage because it's not interactive. When i play the game, i actually want to play it...

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