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Hey i'm Brandon, and i am a hearthstone player, and my favorite class is (Burgle) Rogue.

I started playing Hearthstone during Naxramas, but stopped playing for a long time. (Because i found the game too p2w back then) I returned when Cobolds & Catacombs was announced and was once again hooked ever since.

I like to try out different decks and play as diverse as possible. I used Hearthpwn to look what other people came up with (Mostly fun looking Off-meta Decks). But as this website is going to be the new & better/improved HearthPWN + has the (Pretty much) same awesome Mod Team, so i gladly switched over!

I love playing decks that have a bunch, or a lot of RNG based things in them, as i personally find that RNG gives a lot of excitement/dissapointment, a match is never the same. (Probably why i like the Tesspionage archetype a LOT).

Also i HATE and DISPICE Druids with a BURNING passion. (Okay, OTK/Token/Aggro/Tempo Druids, im perfectly fine with most Control/heal Druids. They are the ones that are a bit more fun to play against)