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    Posted 11 months, 1 week ago

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a sneak peak of the project me and my team have been working on called The Halls of Brawl. Bizmo Brawlpub and Boss Bazzelflange wanna settle the score and figure out which Brawler's Guild—the Horde's or the Alliance's— has the better fighter, and their solution was to launch a tournament of epic proportions and see, once and for all, which faction fights the hardest.

    I will let everyone name one card (none of the italicized names), and at 8:00pm EST I will return with a straw poll with all the cards that were named, at which point you guys can vote on the card you want to see. See you guys then!


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    Posted 1 year, 12 months ago


    It was purely by chance that these three factions would cross paths at this mysterious island. I mean, take a look at these goodies! The lost city of Uldazir, completely untouched, and untapped? Well, mostly untapped. Ignore the native Trolls that worship this old abandoned technology, and the ever-growing army of Nagas amassing just on the other side of the island. Beyond that, the island is mostly untouched! Who knows what could lie in this metropolis-turned-Catacomb. Something to fill the Bligewater's Cartels coffers for decades? Never before seen Titan technology to archive the existence of in the Scryer's endless Archive's?  Who knows? After all, it's just a coincidence that all these armies converged on this one island... Right?

    Themes and Mechanics

    This expansion doesn't have a new keyword. Instead, it has an all new minion tribe—the Construct! These Construct lied dormant for a millenia, but they've been reawakened to meet these new foes in the halls of Uldazir! Constructs are weak and unimpressive at first, but have synergies that buff the Constructs that come out after them to overwhelm your opponent with giant, undefeatable minions.

    Hero Power synergy makes a return. The trolls on the island have various idols and traditions, and gather strength from rituals that involve them honoring their fallen heroes. There will be various ways to trigger your Hero Power, and several minions will get bonuses every time you use your Hero Power.

    With The Tel'Abim Anomaly will bring back the Tri-Class mechanic. The Mages, Priests and Warriors belong to The Scryers, and they will be one classes that focus on reactivating and harnessing the power of the Titanforged Constructs on the island. The Hunters, Rogues and Shamans belong to the Bilgewater Cartel, who have funded the operation of this motley crew of Pirates looking to plunder more than any Pirate has ever plundered before. and the Druids, Paladins, and Warlocks belong to the third faction, and they will all have a focus on Menagerie-like effects. Each faction will have 1 Rare card, and 1 Legendary card.

    Cards (57/139)

    Neutral Commons (10/22)

    Neutral Rares (5/10)

    Neutral Epics (2/8)

    Neutral Legendaries (0/5)


    Druid Cards (3/10)

    Hunter Cards (2/10)

    Mage Cards (6/10)

    Rogue Cards (7/10)

    Paladin (3/10)

    Priest (4/10)

    Shaman (4/10)

    Warlock (4/10)

    Warrior (7/10)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What Year is this part of?

    A: This is part of our own fictional Year of the Viper. In particular, this is the final set of this year, together with Azeroth's Most Wanted and The Crystalarium. It happens alongside Year of the Dragon.

    The Inventive and Influential Dev Team

    Dezitronix     -     Lead Designer and Project Lead
    Cyclick     -     Balancer Dude, Senior Designer
    Daffythscoot     -     Senior Designer
    Spindan     -     Senior Designer
    Demonxz95     -    Designer
    steli2     -     Designer
    LarryMoments     -     Designer
    Alita     -     Designer

    Other Expansions

    (Viper 1) Azeroth's Most Wanted -

    (Viper 2) The Crystalarium -

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    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

    So I play Wild basically exclusively. I'm not a particularly good player—the highest I've ever gotten was about Rank 10—but I still like to think I have a rough idea of how the meta plays out. I wrote all this in about an hour and then spent another hour editing it. Enjoy.

    Shrubadier - 1 Star - This is just a bad card.

    Aeroponics - 2 Stars - Treant Druid is bad.

    Strength in Numbers - 2 Stars - Token Druid will be bad and it's anti-synergistic with current Jade Druid lists.

    Treenforcements - 1 Star - Just run Living Roots.

    Goru the Mightree - 2 Stars - Treant Druid is bad.

    Embiggen - 2 Stars - Assuming the cost modification works on the same principle as Academic Espionage, this is counter-synergistic to Jade Druid and it doesn't fit into any other archetype.

    Secure the Deck - 1 Star - Doesn't fit into any deck except *maybe* Token Druid, and Token Druid will be bad.

    Breath of Dreams - 3 Stars - Highlander Dragon Druid will be a Tier 3 deck.

    Emerald Explorer - 3 Stars - Highlander Dragon Druid will be a Tier 3 deck.

    Ysera, Unleashed- 3 Stars - Highlander Dragon Druid will be a Tier 3 deck and you may occasionally see it in Jade Druid because some weirdo thought their Jade Idols needed help pressuring the board in the late game.


    Stormhammer - 1 Star - Eaglehorn Bow is better.

    Diving Gryphon - 1 Star - Hunter doesn't have enough Rush minions to justify this card.

    Veranus - 2 Stars - While cool, Hunter doesn't have enough AoE to justify this card.

    Clear the Way - 1 Star - This is just bad.

    Corrosive Breath - 1 Star - Dragon Hunter will likely never be a thing.

    Primordial Explorer - 1 Star - Dragon Hunter will likely never be a thing. Just run Spider Bomb and Venomizer and play Mech Hunter.

    Toxic Reinforcements - 3 Stars - I can imagine a world where some of the more aggressive Hunter decks run this. Also fits into Spell Hunter, although Spell Hunter isn't very good right now.

    Dragonbane - 1 Star - Will never hit what you want it to hit.

    Dwarven Sharpshooter - 3 Stars - Every non-Spell Hunter deck will at least consider this card.

    Phase Stalker - 4 Stars - Really good card in non-Reno Secret Hunter. While that deck isn't good now, I think this raises its power level considerably by greatly improving the decks consistency and early game.


    Elemental Allies - 4 Stars - I find it very hard to believe 1-Mana Draw 3 will ever be bad.

    Violet Spellwing - 3 Stars - At best, it's the 30th card in your Tempo Mage.

    Mana Giant - 5 Stars - Better Arcane Giant.

    Rolling Fireball - 3 Stars - It's a removal spell that you'll see occasionally. Weigh the pros and cons of the other removal cards around the same cost when building your deck.

    Dragoncaster - 4 Stars - Huge payoff and I think Control Highlander Mage will be able to fit some sort of dragon package into a deck.

    Arcane Breath - 2 Stars - Just run Primordial Glyph.

    Chenvaala - 5 Stars - This card is the nuts in any aggressive Mage deck.

    Malygos, Aspect of Magic - 4 Stars - Will be one of the best cards in Control Highlander Mage.

    Azure Explorer - 1 Star - Just run Cosmic Anomaly.

    Learn Draconic - 5 Stars - It's a 1-Mana 6/6.


    Lightforged Zealot - 5 Stars - Amazing payoff for Pure Paladin. It's a 0-Mana 4/2 attached to a Truesilver Champion.

    Lightforged Crusader - 5 Stars - Amazing payoff for Pure Paladin. This is a 7-Mana 7/7 that draws 5 cards.

    Sky Claw - 5 Stars - AoE attack buff that also puts 3 new mechs on the board. Mech Paladin is Tier 1 deck already.

    Righteous Cause - 4 Stars - Fits nicely into Odd Paladin. You don't mind playing this turn 1 if it starts in your opening hand.

    Bronze Explorer- 1 Star - Every Paladin deck has better cards.

    Sanctuary - 5 Stars - Every Paladin deck will at least consider this, and every aggressive Paladin deck will run this because it's a 1-Mana 3/6 Taunt.

    Amber Watcher - 5 Stars - Antique Healbot sees play in Wild. This is Antique Healbot with +1/+3.

    Dragonrider Talritha - 3 Stars - Might see play in Pure Paladin.

    Nozdormu the Timeless - 4 Stars - This is actually very relevant for any slow Paladin deck, as all of a sudden you get access to every answer you could have to deal with Aggro.

    Sand Breath - 5 Stars - I think this will be a very good card in Pure Paladin.


    Whispers of EVIL - 3 Stars - Never ignore 0-Mana spells.

    Grave Rune - 3 Stars - This is a very powerful effect, but I don't know if you'll see it in any deck other than Big Priest.

    Disciple of Galakrond - 1 Star - Random Priest cards aren't good, and Galakrond Priest isn't good.

    Murozond the Infinite - 4 Stars - Counter all the big plays by making the same big play and then also getting an 8/8.

    Chronobreaker - 4 Stars - Better Duskbreaker.

    [Hearthstone Card (Mindflayer Kaarhj) Not Found] - 2 Stars - This is a good value card, but I don't think it fits into any Priest archetypes.

    Breath of the Infinite - 3 Stars - Priest didn't need any more AoE. Pick and choose your AoEs to respond to the meta.

    Envoy of Lazul - 1 Star - Curious Glimmerroot wasn't very good, this won't be either.

    Fate Weaver - 1 Star - Random Priest cards aren't good and neither is Galakrond Priest. Just run Emperor Thaurissan.

    Time Rip - 1 Star - Rnadom Priest cards aren't good, Assassinate isn't good, and Galakrond Priest isn't good.

    Galakrond, the Unspeakable - 1 Star - Galakrond Priest isn't good. Just run Shadowreaper Anduin, which lets you keep all your actually good Priest cards.


    Bloodsail Flybooter - 5 Stars - Really good in any aggressive Rogue deck. This includes Odd Rogue.

    Stowaway - 2 Stars - Would be 1 Star but Academic Espionage Rogue is my favorite meme.

    Flik Skyshiv - 4 Stars - You can never have enough Vilespine Slayers.

    Necrium Apothecary - 3 Stars - This is a 5 Star card when Dane plays it.

    Dragon's Hoard - 4 Stars - Class-specific Legendaries are actually pretty good and the fact that this Discovers means it's less likely to whiff.

    Candle Breath - 1 Star - Dragon Rogue will not be a deck.

    Waxadred - 2 Stars - Doesn't fit into any Rogue deck and certainly doesn't make its own new archetype.

    Umbral Skulker - 4 Stars - I can imagine a Galakrond Tempo Rogue deck and this is a really good payoff for that deck.

    [Hearthstone Card (Praise Galakrond) Not Found] - 2 Stars - This is really bad and will only be sometimes run in Galakrond Tempo Rogue.

    Galakrond, the Nightmare - 4 Stars - Galakrond Tempo Rogue will be a deck and this card is incredible payoff for such a deck.

    Seal Fate - 4 Stars - Galakrond Tempo Rogue.


    Squallhunter - 5 Stars - Flamewreathed Faceless wasn't good enough according to Blizzard.

    Dragon's Pack - 4 Stars - Really good Invoke lover.

    Invocation of Frost - 4 Stars - Glacial Shard with Rush.

    Galakrond, the Tempest - 3 Stars - Oddly enough, this is actually not the best payoff card of Galakrond Shaman.

    Storm's Wrath - 5 Stars - Mark of the Lotus is a 6-Star card.

    Surging Tempest - 1 Star - Just run Tunnel Trogg.

    Corrupt Elementalist - 4 Stars - Solid Galakrond support card.

    Bandersmosh - 2 Stars - The average Legendary minion is bad.

    Nithogg - 1 Star - Very slow.

    Cumulo-Maximus - 5 Stars - It's almost a Fireball with a 0-Mana 5/5 on it.

    Lightning Breath - 1 Star - Dragon Shaman isn't a deck.


    Rain of Fire - 1 Star - Just run Defile.

    Dark Skies - 1 Star - Just run Defile.

    [Hearthstone Card (Zzeraku) Not Found] - 2 Stars - Not awful, but it doesn't fit into any Warlock archetype and it's too slow.

    Valdris Felgorge - 3 Stars - I think it might make it into Renolock but I'm not sure.

    Abyssal Summoner - 1 Star - Handlock hasn't been a good deck for years.

    Crazed Netherwing - 2 Stars - Control Warlocks don't run dragons and Dragon Warlock isn't a thing.

    Nether Breath - 2 Stars - Control Warlocks don't run dragons and Dragon Warlock isn't a thing.

    Veiled Worshipper - 3 Stars - Galakrond Warlock has potential.

    Fiendish Rites - 1 Stars - Galakrond Warlock has potential, but this doesn't. Just run Grim Rally.

    Dragonblight Cultist - 3 Stars - Galakrond Zoolock has potential.

    Galakrond, the Wretched - 3 Stars - Galakrond Zoolock has potential.


    Ritual Chopper- 5 Stars - Thank God we nerfed Fiery War Axe.

    Awaken! - 4 Stars - This is actually pretty good when you compare it to Swipe.

    Ramming Speed - 3 Stars - Sure, I guess.

    Sky Raider - 4 Stars - This is a bold assumption, but Pirate Warrior might actually be a deck again.

    EVIL Quartermaster - 3 Stars - Solid card. Warrior decks will consider it, but not all of them will run it.

    Scion of Ruin - 5 Stars - That's a lot of value.

    Ancharrr - 4 Stars - Pirate Warrior is back.

    Molten Breath - 4 Stars - Dragon Warrior has actually had potential for a while.

    Galakrond, the Unspeakable - 5 Stars - The best Galakrond.

    Deathwing, Mad Aspect - 1 Star - This is bad when r/customhearthstone made it, and it's bad when Team 5 made it.


    Evasive Chimaera - 1 Star - Build-a-Beast can't use this.

    Grizzled Wizard - 1 Star - Hero Powers are expensive.

    Tasty Flyfish - 1 Star - Dragon Warrior, the only Dragon deck with potential, will not run this.

    Fire Hawk - 3 Stars - 3-Mana 6/3 isn't actually that bad. Not great, but not bad.

    Goboglide Tech - 1 Star - Just run any Magnetic card.

    [Hearthstone Card (Living Dragonhawk) Not Found] - 1 Star - Too hard to use as an effective counter to Frost Nova.

    Hippogryph - 2 Stars - Pretty good with Build-a-Beast. That's about it.

    Skyfin - 1 Star - Dragon decks aren't aggro decks.

    Gyrocopter - 1 Stars - This doesn't have Magnetic.

    Blazing Battlemage - 3 Stars - Generally 1/3 minions are better, but this isn't awful.

    Hoard Pillager - 4 Stars - Pirate Warrior is back. Really this is good in any aggressive deck that runs weapons.

    Parachute Brigand - 4 Stars - Pirate Warrior is back.

    Troll Batrider - 3 Stars - It's OK.

    Scalerider - 1 Star - Payoff isn't good enough for Dragon decks.

    Evasive Wyrm - 3 Stars - Not awful.

    Big Ol' Whelp - 3 Stars - Spell Damage +1 and worth more than +1/+1.

    Evasive Feywing - 2 Stars - Good filler. Bad card for Wild.

    Blowtorch Saboteur - 1 Star - Floaty Unseen Saboteur. Neither will see play.

    Dragonmaw Poacher - 3 Stars - Tech card against dragons. Better than Dragonslayer, but still not that great.

    Faceless Corruptor - 4 Stars - Big buff but you can't use it as fast face damage.

    Platebreaker - 1 Star - It's a 5-Star in my heart because it means Armor Druid will never be good.

    Cobalt Spellkin - 4 Stars - Lots of value in a single card.

    [Hearthstone Card (Frizz Kindlefrost) Not Found] - 4 Stars - Might see play in Dragon Warrior.

    Tentacled Menace- 3 Stars - Potentially a tech card for Midrange decks against Aggro decks? I don't know.

    Depth Charge - 1 Star - Just run Doomsayer.

    Bad Luck Albatross - 3 Stars - 3-Mana 4/3 Deathrattle: If your opponent is Highlander, win the game.

    Dread Raven - 1 Star - Rogue would rather use Pogo-Hopper.

    Kobold Stickyfinger - 1 Star - Would be 5 Stars if it was printed during Kobolds and Catacombs.

    Transmogrifier - 1 Star - Your cards are better than random Legendaries.

    Dragonqueen Alexstrasza - 4 Stars - Will see play in Highlander Dragon Mage and Highlander Dragon Druid.

    [Hearthstone Card (Dragonbreeder) Not Found] - 4 Stars - Will see play in Dragon Warrior, Highlander Dragon Mage, and Highlander Dragon Druid.

    Chromatic Egg - 1 Stars - Wait when did I start reviewing r/customhearthstone cards?

    Hot Air Balloon - 2 Stars - Maybe Mech Paladin? Maybe SN1P-SN4P Warlock? I dunno.

    Camouflaged Dirigible - 2 Stars - Maybe SN1P-SN4P Warlock but probably not.

    Kronx Dragonhoof - 5 Stars - Best card in the set.

    Shu'ma- 2 Stars - Cool card but it probably isn't good.

    Sathrovarr - 4 Stars - Surprisingly good in Renolock. All you need to do is get 1 big minion to stick.

    Devoted Maniac - 3 Stars - Might make it into a Galakrond deck, but it will be the worst Invoker in your deck.

    Evasive Drakonid - 3 Stars - Rest in peace, Soggoth the Slitherer.

    Shield of Galakrond - 4 Stars - This is a really good minion in any Galakrond deck.

    Twin Tyrant - 3 Stars - OK I guess.

    [Hearthstone Card (Utgarde Grapplesnipers) Not Found] - 1 Star - You definitely do not run enough Dragons to make this work.

    Wing Commander - 4 Stars - This is a 4-Mana 8/5 in Dragon Warrior.

    Wyrmrest Purifier - 2 Stars - Fun with Hakkar, the Soulflayer.

    Zul'Drak Ritualist - 1 Star - This card is beyond bad.

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    Posted 2 years, 4 months ago

    The idea behind Charming Quartermaster is generally, with shuffle, you generally don't get any value out of it unless the game drags on. Thus, it's just a nice body.

    Crumbling War Golem is the correct wording. Look at Witchwood Grizzly.

    Fair on Runestone Hoarder. It's mostly just a win-more card.

    Also fair on Crystal Bowrunner. I wasn't too sure on the card myself but I thought it was an interesting idea to try. Looking back, I'm not too fond of the card either.

    If Mo'grosh Hellcaller just gave a minion Spell Damage +1, it wouldn't work the same way. Remember there are minions that get improved by Spell Damage.

    I definitely didn't want Prismatic Servant to be Legendary because it really wasn't that much of a build-around card. It'll almost always serve as a tool to help an archetype, and never be the card that defines the archetype. All the effects are pretty basic.

    Far Sight and Stonecore Oracle are totally different cards. You are playing 3-Cost 3/3 for an effect that you may never actually benefit from, making it only good in Control and slower Midrange matchups. Compare that to Far Sight, you are guaranteed to see that mana discount from the moment you play that card, while also actively gaining card advantage as a result.

    High Priestess Azil is a fair criticism, but there aren't that many crazy strong Deathrattle effects out there. There are definitely a few that currently stand out in the Standard format, like Tirion Fordring or Mechano-Egg if you're playing Paladin, and tamer but still decent effects like Convincing Infiltrator. While those effects are definitely nice when discounted, they are still really slow, which gives your opponent time to prepare for the Deathrattle effect. That said, I'll consider upping its cost to (7) in a balance patch.

    Aim for the Heart giving your next spell Spell Damage +2 wouldn't cover the effect. Remember, there are minions that also get improved by Spell Damage in this expansion.

    I think you're overvaluing Desynchronize. Compare to Sap and Freezing Trap.

    Your comment on Devoted Cleric and Harbinger of the End are fair criticisms. I just thought it looked better. If more people disagree I'm open to changing it.

    I worded Reverberator that way because I didn't want it to be Immune to Secrets like Snipe and Explosive Runes, or as you said, AoE cards.

    "Combo: Costs (0)" doesn't make sense. Imagine if Arcane Tyrant read "Battlecry: Costs (0) if you played a spell that costs (5) or more." It just doesn't work that way. Combo is a trigger, not an aura.

    Stonemother's Fury has the downside of requiring you to attack minions to get value out of the effect. If you're facing a deck that puts large threats on the board, that sometimes means sacrificing 6 or 7 life just to unlock the Overload. Is that worth it? That's something the player to find out.

    Thanks for pointing out Hollow Earth! I'll fix that in the balance patch! ^^

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you like the set as a whole, we've put a lot of work into it!

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    Update 9/1/19 - The Final Update, finally

    The expansion is done and I can finally die

    - Added 5 Neutral Commons - Rock Collector, Shalehide Basilisk, Voidstone Nabber, Earthmender (+Earthen Ring Elemental token), Resonance Tuner
    - Added 4 Neutral Rares - Glacial Guardian, Earthen Groundtender, Earthshrine Trainer, Ore Golem
    - Added 3 Neutral Legendaries - Pebble, High Priestess Azil, Terrastra
    - Added 2 Druid Commons - Grove Guardian, Cinderbloom Alchemist
    - Added 2 Druid Rares - Emerald Jabberer, Lunar Weave
    - Added 2 Druid Legendaries - Keeper Corvus, Fangs of Ashamane
    - Added 2 Hunter Commons - Naga Huntress, Wild Bearyl
    - Added 1 Hunter Rare - Crystalarium Tamer
    - Added 1 Hunter Epic - Pet Fathom Eel
    - Added 2 Hunter Legendaries - Stwarf, the Mole, Titanstrike
    - Added 1 Mage Epic - Reorigination
    - Added 1 Mage Legendary - Cryolem
    - Added 1 Paladin Common - Stalagspike
    - Added 2 Paladin Rares - Bronze Banneret, Divine Interceptor
    - Added 1 Paladin Epic - Recruiter of Light
    - Added 1 Paladin Legendary - Hammer of Khaz'gorath
    - Added 2 Priest Rares - Whelp Healer, Harbinger of the End
    - Added 1 Priest Epic - Dragonheart Essence
    - Added 1 Priest Legendary - Aeosera
    - Added 1 Rogue Common - Killing Spree
    - Added 1 Rogue Rare - Adrenaline Rush
    - Added 1 Rogue Legendary - Xal'atath
    - Added 3 Shaman Rares - Commune, Inferiorize, Glacial Hound
    - Added 1 Shaman Legendary - Stonemother's Fury
    - Added 2 Warlock Commons - Seething Elemental, Hollow Earth
    - Added 1 Warlock Rare - Corrode Blood
    - Added 1 Warrior Rare - Tremor
    - Added 2 Warrior Epics - EZ-Blaster, Molten Colossus
    - Added 1 Warrior Legendary - The Rubble Rouser

    (Hunter Cards)

    Brutal Banshee
    - Rarity changed: Epic (from Rare)
    - Stats canged: 7/6 (from 6/6)
    - Text changed: "Battlecry: Summon a Deathrattle minion from your hand. Force it to Crystallize."

    (Mage Cards)

    - Text changed: "After your hero attacks a minion, cast a [copy of a] spell from your hand on the same target."

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

    Maybe it's just my own bias speaking, but I'm kinda sad to see this card go. Post-buff, this was one of my favorite cards from Boomsday and I had a lot of fun with it. RIP

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

    Blizzard did an oopsie

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago
    Quote From MasseBre007

    Awesome card! Potentially re-enables the Shudderwock OTK though

    You just play him as much as possible in the early to mid game then drop Shudderwock and he can bounce himself

    I think that's fine because the combo would be unreliable. You'd never be able to guarantee that you'd pull off the Shudderwock combo since you wouldn't be able to choose the option to return Shudderwock to your hand, and giving the combo a high success rate would come at the cost of a lot of tempo and far weaker turns leading up to Shudderwock being played. Honestly, it sounds like an interesting balancing act.

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

    I felt like making a card independent from a card set for once. Tell me what you guys think ^^

    The card was inspired by Vulpera Scoundrel

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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago


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    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

    Update 7/15/19 - The Dragons Rise

    Another long wait, but don't worry, we have ambitious plans for the future, so hand in there! :D

    - Added 2 Neutral Commons - Dragonmaw Grunt, Runestone Hoarder
    - Added 3 Neutral Epics - Lavaconda, Stonecore Oracle, Ascendant Shade
    - Added 1 Druid Epic - Ancient of Wonders
    - Added 1 Paladin Rare - Heroic Guardian
    - Added 1 Paladin Epic - Incinerate!
    - Added 1 Shaman Common - Lava Lash
    - Added 1 Warlock Epic - Fel Discharge
    - Added 1 Warlock Legendary - Eye of the Void

    (Neutral Commons)

    Charming Quartermaster
    - Text changed: "After your opponent plays a [minion], shuffle a copy of it into their deck."

    (Mage Cards)

    - Removed grammar error. Effect unchanged.

    Refreshment Conjurer
    - Text changed: "Battlecry: For each point of Spell Damage you have, [gain 3 Armor]."

    (Priest Cards)

    Priestess of Duality
    - Art changed.
    - Text changed: "Battlecry: Restore [4] Health. If it's an enemy, deal 2 damage instead."

    (Rogue Cards)

    Nerubian Surprise
    - Updated text. Effect unchanged.

    (Warlock Cards)

    Malevolent Djinn
    - Cost changed: (2) (from 1)
    - Stats changed: 3/2 (from 2/1)
    - Updated text. Effect unchanged.

    Fallenroot Satyr
    - Rarity changed: Epic (from Rare)
    - Updated text. Effect unchanged.

    - Updated text. Effect unchanged.


    Updated the cards section to better show off which cards are new.

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    Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

    Update 6/20/19 - Therazane's Domain

    Sorry for the wait guys, this update was a little more ambitious, with a lot of cool new cards with unique effects, and a decent portion of the time between this update and the last was taken up by Azeroth's Most Wanted's Out of Cards update. But at long last, we're here with another batch of cards and an assortment of changes.

    - Added 4 Neutral Commons - Molten Rock, Arcane Pugilist, Luster Inspector, and Voidstone Channeler
    - Added 1 Neutral Rare - Speaker of the Void
    - Added 2 Neutral Epics - Prismatic Elemental (+9 Tokens), Kalimag Illuminator
    - Added 1 Mage Rare - Manaspring Guardian
    - Added 1 Paladin Common - Crystalheart Valiant
    - Added 2 Rogue Rares - Slight of Hand, Ethereal Maskcarver
    - Added 2 Rogue Epics - Toothy Trick (+1 Token), Bookbinder
    - Added 1 Shaman Legendary - Therazane (+1 Token)
    - Added 1 Warlock Rare - Malevolent Djinn

    (Neutral Rares)

    Crystal Bowrunner
    - Tribe changed: Elemental (from nothing)

    Deepholm Defender
    - Rarity changed: Common (from Rare)

    (Hunter Cards)

    Aim for the Heart
    - Rarity changed: Rare (from Common)

    (Mage Cards)

    Infused Spellbook
    - Rarity changed: Common (from Rare)

    The Maskcarver
    - Name changed: "One of Changing Faces"

    (Shaman Cards)

    Ravenous Leyspawn
    - Stats changed: 6/6 (from 6/5)

    (Warrior Cards)

    - Art changed

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    6/14/19 - The Out of Cards Migration Update

    (Neutral Commons)

    Trusty Sidekick
    - Text changed: "[b]Side-Quest:[/b] [Play] a minion that costs (2) or more.
    [b]Reward:[/b] Gain +1/+1."

    - Text changed: "[b]Battlecry:[/b] Each player [casts a random [b]Secret[/b]]."
    - Stats changed: 1/2 (from 1/1)

    Fuselight Masterkey
    - Text changed: "[b]Side-Quest:[/b] Trigger a friendly [[b]Secret[/b]].
    [b]Reward:[/b] Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero."

    Small-Time Swindler
    - Text changed: "[b]Battlecry:[/b] Add a Coin to your hand. [Discard it when the turn ends]."

    Deathshade Smuggler
    - Stats changed: 2/3 (from 1/3)

    Ironclad Spellweaver
    - Stats changed: 3/3 (from 3/4)

    Sneakybeaky Infiltrator
    - Text changed: "[b]Stealth[/b]
    [b]Battlecry:[/b] Deal 2 damage."

    Tunnel Digger
    - Text changed: "[[b]Rush[/b]]
    [b]Battlecry:[/b] [b]Silence[/b] all [enemy] minions with [b]Taunt[/b]."
    - Cost changed: (4) (from 3)
    - Stats changed: 3/2 (from 5/2)

    Fuselight Bruiser
    - Text changed: '[b]Side-Quest:[/b] Play a minion next to this.
    [b]Reward:[/b] Give it +1/[+2]."

    Fortune Hunter
    - Text changed: "At the start of your turn, add a Coin to your hand. [Discard it when the turn ends]."
    - Stats changed: 5/6 (from 5/5).

    (Neutral Rares)

    Blood Siphoner
    - Cost changed: (6) (from 5)

    - Stats changed: 3/6 (from 2/6)

    Loan Shark
    - Text changed: "[b]Battlecry:[/b] Add two Coins to your hand. [Discard it when the turn ends]."

    (Neutral Legendaries)

    Lady Moonspark
    - Text changed: "[b]Start of Game:[/b] If your deck has exactly 3 cards per Cost, your Hero Power also [[b]Discovers[/b] from your deck] this game."

    Nexus-Prince Zakat
    - Text changed: [b]Battlecry:[/b] Replace your Hero Power with the Coin. Play [Class] minions to refresh [it]."
    - Text of Zakat's Coin changed: "[b]Hero Power[/b] Gain 1 Mana this turn. Play a [Class] minion to refresh this."

    (Druid Cards)

    Lightning Reflexes
    - Cost changed: (3) (from 2)

    Aladrea Watermoon
    - Text changed: "Whenever you gain a Mana Crystal, add a copy of this to your hand."
    - Cost changed: (1) (from 0)

    (Hunter Cards)

    Security Worg
    - Text changed: "[b]Battlecry:[/b] Choose a friendly minion. While this is [on the battlefield], both have +1/+1."

    (Mage Cards)

    Wicker Blast
    - Cost changed: (6) (from 5)

    Arcane Spike
    - Name changed: Arcane Spikes
    - Text changed: "Deal 2 damage. Your next card this turn [benefits from] [b]Spell Damage +2[/b]."

    Fuselight Blastmage
    - Text of Blast Cap changed: "Your next card this turn [benefits from] [b]Spell Damage +2[/b]."
    - Cost changed: (1) (from 0)

    Sesku Frostsprocket
    - Cost changed: 8 (from 7)
    - Stats changed: 4/3 (from 5/3)

    Pyrestone Catalyst
    - Text changed: "Your next five cards [benefit from] [b]Spell Damage +1[/b]."


    Sir Goldblossom
    - Stats changed: 7/8 (from 6/8)


    Plan B
    - Text changed: "Add 3 Coins to your hand. [Discard them when the turn ends]."

    Draenethyst Stasis Cube
    - Text of Filled Statis Cube changed: "Cast [[Spell 1, 2, and 3] with random targets, [then] shuffle them into your opponent's deck."


    Fishy Totemic
    - Text changed: "[b]Battlecry:[/b] Summon a random Totem. [b]Deathrattle:[/b]: Destroy it."
    - Cost changed: (4) (from 3)
    - Stats changed: 1/4 (from 2/4)

    Super Totem!
    - Cost changed: (5) (from 4)


    Black Harvest Acolyte
    - Text changed: "[b]Side-Quest:[/b] [Damage yourself with a spell].
    [b]Reward:[/b] Gain +2/+2."

    Power Trip
    - Text changed: "Copy the left-most [minion] in your hand."


    Wiley Burglar
    - Text changed: "[b]Rush[/b] [b]Battlecry:[/b] Add a Coin to your hand. [Discard it when the turn ends]."

    Parapet Breaker
    - Cost changed: (4) (from 5)
    - Stats changed: 2/3 (from 2/4)

    Argunite Greatshield
    - Cost changed: (10) (from 8)."

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    Zakat's got big plans. He's a trade-prince, but he's always been one of the weaker ones. But things are going to change. Zakat's been amassing wealth to do what everyone once thought was impossible—he's going to break into the famed Azerite Vault. Can you help the mysterious Nexus-Prince pull off the greatest heist in history?


    The core mechanic of this expansion is the Side-Quest. It functions very similarly to the regular Quest mechanic, except it's attached to minions, and both the quests and the rewards are much smaller in the scale. Side-Quests can only be completed once, and they can't be completed once the minion dies. Help these people do their jobs, and they'll return the favor in the form a nice advantage!

    A few kind-hearted (and not so kind-hearted) souls have some loose change that they may willing to lend you. At least, for a little while. But be careful, Coins are only available while supplies last!

    The Cards

    Neutral Commons

    Neutral Rares

    Neutral Epics

    Neutral Legendaries










    F.A.Q. (No one asked, but shush)

    Q: What year is this a part of?
    A: This exists in its own "Year of the Viper", together with Azeroth's Most Wanted. This "year" happens alongside the current Year of the Dragon.

    Q: What sets influenced the balance of Azeroth's Most Wanted
    A: This was the first set of the year, and this was made before the rotation of the cards related to Odd and Even cards. Any future changes will only be remade to changes that come up due to the sets that came out after this.

    Q: What are the full plans for the set?
    A: Voice acting for the cards, more lore, perhaps a logo for the expansion (and the previous one), stuff like that. If you wanna help, feel free to shoot me a DM if you wanna help!

    The Super Duper Amazing Dev Team

    Dezitronix     -     Project Lead
    Cyclick     -     Standard Format Expert
    (formally)    -     Card Designer
    Daffythscoot     -     Card Designer
    Spindan     -     Card Designer
    (formally)    -     Voice Actor

    Our Other Expansions

    (Year of the Viper, Set 2) The Crystalarium (WIP)

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    Update 6/7/19 - 12 More Cards!

    - Added 1 Neutral Common - Forward Scout
    - Added 1 Neutral Rare - Nether-Stalker
    - Added 1 Neutral Legendary - Earthcaller Yevaa
    - Added 1 Druid Rare - Blossom
    - Added 1 Hunter Common - Aim for the Heart
    - Added 1 Mage Rare - Masta Wizard
    - Added 1 Paladin Common - Libram of Might
    - Added 1 Paladin Legendary - Magni, the Speaker
    - Added 1 Priest Rare - Void Messenger
    - Added 1 Warlock Rare - Deathforge Inferno
    - Added 1 Warrior Common - Stone Drake
    - Added 1 Warrior Rare - Pulverize

    Changed Shale Spider's Rarity to Common.
    Changed Desynchronize's Rarity to Common, and changed its text.
    Changed Voidstone Imp's Rarity to Common.

    These changes were made simply because we decided that these effects weren't really "exciting" enough to warrant their rarity being Rare. These were all simple cards, even if Desynchronize in particular does explore a mechanic that hasn't been seen before in the Constructed format of Hearthstone.

    Gave Crystal Bowrunner the Elemental tag.

    One of the challenges of this set is, funnily enough, deciding which cards are Elementals and which ones aren't. Golems, for example, are not Elementals. Basically, any being that is made of elemental energy, is self-thinking (to some degree), and wasn't artificially made by a summoner of sorts (Elementals in WoW all naturally come from their respective Elemental Realm, I.E. Deepholm), is an Elemental. Crumbling War Golem and Earthen Stoneshaper are not Elementals, as they have creators (the former by some mage, the latter by the Titans). Therazane's Champion and Crystal Bowrunner are.

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    Maybe once you do this, you take away the option to post it publicly, but you can download the recipe for yourself? I think it'd be cool if I could make "craftable" deck recipes for my custom expansions. Maybe a little extra, but it's something that I'd love to do.

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    You see my friend, Crazed Geomancer is a man that just covered himself in crystals. He's a man. A very unhinged man. Gravelpatcher and Slab Cracker are both golems, which are different from Elementals in that they aren't "natural" but rather made by some mage that felt like making some golems. Earthen Stoneshaper is an Earthen, which is a dwarf that wasn't touched by the Curse of Flesh, and are similar to the Tol'vir in that they were created by the Titans. Crystal Bowrunner though, should probably be en Elemental. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll change it next update.

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    Update 6/1/19 - The Twilight's Hammer

    - Added 5 Neutral Commons - Twilight Sorcerer, Stonecore Guardian, Charming Quartermaster, Slab Cracker, and Therazane's Champion
    - Added 1 Neutral Rare - Crystal Bowrunner
    - Added 1 Neutral Epic - Ancient Summoner
    - Added 1 Hunter Rare - Brutal Banshee
    - Added 1 Rogue Common - Cloaked Villain
    - Added 1 Shaman Common - Reverberator
    - Added 1 Warlock Rare - Fallenroot Satyr
    - Added 1 Warrior Common - Temple Sentinel
    - Added 1 Warrior Rare - K'thir Juggernaut

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    Quote From twistertiger

    can I ask whether crystalize is a positive or negative effect? (also is the geode token a vanila 1/1?)

    Crystallize can be used as both an upside and a downside. It just depends on how the keyword is used. Crazed Geomancer uses it as a downside, as it locks down 4 spots on your board for basically 2 turns. Shale Spider, on the other hand, uses it as an upside, as you're guaranteed to get at least two Geodes. And yeah, the Geodes are 1/1's.



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    Wild is the superior format for intellectuals such as you and I. I'm positive your IQ is in the quadruple digits

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