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I'm a man who loves a good fantasy story, as well as stretching my mental muscles with strategic thinking. I'm fairly casual in my Heathstone play-style-- although I do see how I can manage in ranked even if I don't get very far-- and have a mostly free-to-play attitude towards the game. I also enjoy Hearthstone because I like the lore of World of Warcraft and think of this game as a fun "tall tale" spin-off of this lore. Something about the idea of my warcraft characters swapping stories in an inn seems very cozy and fun to me. Designing custom cards of my favorite lore characters that aren't in the game yet is another related hobby.

I'm also a frequent guest on the Born to be Wild podcast if you ever want to check me out there where I talk about lore and write and sing Hearthstone parody songs.

If you are of a similar mindset to me in why you like Hearthstone, feel free to message me with a friend request. I could use some more people to play with now and then. :)


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