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    I've been running a variation of Hunter that is entirely centered around bugs to surprising success. Infested Goblin + 9 Lives keeps the board full of Taunt and Knife Thrower + Swarm is a great AOE combo that can be supplemented by Revenge of the Wild for a good amount of burst damage. Toxic Reinforcements + Knife Thrower extends the lethal range. I prioritize Rush minions, keeping the Griffins handy and of course Desert Spear. Key points about this deck is it has a quick reaction to threats, and the amount of 1/1 attackers keep from needlessly overkilling opposing minions, lending to the efficiency of damage points. Matches up poorly to Pirate Warrior, but the quick reaction and ability to quickly fill a board means I can react to my opponent in a "wait and see, then rush" strategy. 

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