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Hey fam;

I've been playing Hearthstone since the Black Rock Mountain expansion came out, with periods of downtime due to living in a van and roaming about the world. 

I was once an avid WOW player until Cataclysm came along and ruined my favourite zones, then I got a girlfriend which really ruled a line under things: getting laid > raiding with a bunch of hairy lads, although I do miss the banter.

I don't pay to win, because that's not a thing. I'm also not a little bitch though, if I feel like buying some cards I'll buy some cards.. likewise if there's a good bundle on offer and I can justify the $€£, I'll get the bundle, it doesn't help me win though; I've not got past rank 3. 

Maybe I'm not committed enough to ever hit legend, maybe i should sack off ny entire life and play WOW again. Oh geez, please don't tell my girlfriend about my card collection. 

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