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    Subjective opinion of course:

    I don't think nerfing Genn and Baku themselves is likely to happen and maybe it shouldn't even happen. I would much prefer if the problematic decks themselves be toned down, how nerfing Flametongue Totem made the totems less of an immediate threat making the deck still very good, but much more tolerable imo.

    Similar thing can be applied to Odd Rogue, the access to the 2/2 weapon is a trade off for the lack of cheap burst of Eviscerate, Sap and nerfed Cold Blood.


    As for other decks: Evenlock can highroll 50 % of the time and put an 8/8 turn 3, but I don't think it's enough it this meta of Barnes and hyper aggro. At least I don't see very many on ladder.

    Odd Warrior has good anti aggro capabilites, but sacrifices value cards against Control. Also Big Priest.

    Odd Mage, Even Paladin, Even Rogue... yeah.


    That leaves us with Odd Paladin. I don't like this deck. I'd say it has the best button which carries the deck basically. I don't know if it warrants a nerf or not, but since Level Up! was nerfed, I think 6 mana Quartermaster would be logical, removing some burst and wide buff while keeping the pressure style gameplan, after all it isn't token Druid.