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    Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

    probably, but still I recommend being careful.

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    Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

    Like the title said. I disenchanted additional copies (worth 20 dust so not too much) and didn't get it. Restarted HS and still had the same amount.

    Also, it doesn't affect creating or disenchanting specific cards. Only additional copies button.

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    Posted 2 years, 10 months ago

    (Warning! This class is lore-loose, so if something isn't canon don't freak out.)

    Dragon Tamers are people that can communicate, befriend and, as you can expect, tame Dragons. Of course, some Dragons (Like Dragon Aspects) are highly intelligent creatures that you can't treat like a pet, however most of them are just animals acting on their instincts. This class has 3 main flavors: tamed Dragons, wild Dragons, and breeding Dragons. Tamed Dragons are mainly used for battle, but also have their uses as guards, observers or transport. Tamers also create tools to immitate Dragons, or protect from them. Wild Dragons are mostly dangerous and are force no mere human can stand against. They have nests and they hunt. Tamers don't tame every Dragon they encounter, they also keep the free ones save and they help them in their time of need.



    Prince Mroggus Lore - Prince of Corrupted Dragonflight, one of the last of his people. Selfproclaimed Corrupted Dragonflight was a tribe of creatures who gave up their civilized selfs to N'Zoth, with whom they made a pact. They offered their aid to him in exchange for making them one with the Dragons. Old God agrred and changed their bodies, along with their senses. They were annihilated during Cataclysm, with only few survivors. Prince Mroggus now seeks revenge and wants to rebuild his lost glory.


    Hero Power: Due to lack of draw and card generation, I wanted to give this class something to do when it has ran out of resources. (Upgraded HP will come along with TGT)


    Basic Set:

    Generic card for new players to expirience some Dragon action.

    Tempo card for early game. 3 damage for 1 Mana is pretty big and this card

    has a very easy activator considering that most cards are Dragons.

    Remember Power Overwhelming? This serves the same purpose but is

    (I think at least) more balanced.

    Cheap damage (an upgraded Elven Archer).

    A draw that tutors! Mainly for drawing AoE.

    HP and Dragon support.

    Not a complete Immunity but does its job. You want to protect an important card?

    Here you go.

    Assassinate that does damage.

    Vanilla stated minion. Good for beginners to counter Boulderfist Ogre.

    Big AoE.

    PS: Classic is done but I'm lazy so I'm gonna update it later.

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    Posted 2 years, 11 months ago

    I'm not that good at creating classes, but wanted to do this for fun :) Sooooo, here's Rune Master. A class that revolves around Empowering cards by playing Runes. Runes count and play as spells, but have effects on cards with just mentioned keyword - Empower.


    - Cheap spell synergy.

    - Powerful Rune generation.

    - A little bit of healing.

    - Powerful, 5 Mana Secrets.

    - Board clears and single removals.

    - Control tools.

    - Weapons availability.

    - Low Dragon synergy, although Dragons seem to like Rune Masters and appear often in their presence.


    - Almost non-existing draw.

    - Anti-tempo plays.

    - Lack of minion transform and Silence cards.

    - Lack of minion flood cards.

    - Lack of non-combo finishers.



    Basic set has some powerful options for Rune Master, and serves its purpose on introducing a player to the present themes. Runic Explosion also gives new players a taste of Empower before opening packs.



    Classic set gives class some tools to apply pressure and some enablers. It also introduces first 3 Secrets and Empower keyword. Note: Gristof Runeheart works like Jade Golems - Mana increases to 10 and doesn't any further, even tho Attack and Health do.


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