Blizzard gave us some codes to share the upcoming Tombs of Terror adventure through a Giveaway and our winners have been selected!

We decided we'd ask you what your favourite Saviors of Uldum moment has been so far.

Don 't forget - Saviors of Uldum's Tombs of Terror launches on Tuesday! We'll be covering the whole thing so don't miss out.

Favourite Moments of Our Winners

Quote From Lemushki

My favourite moment was during my first matches with my Even Legendary Paladin deck… After Barnes got nerfed I just couldnt understand why the deck wasnt working for so many games,,, I feel dumb now, but gave some friends quite a laugh

Quote From Rhoa

My favourite Uldum moment was playing against control warrior as Quest Rogue. My deck was empty, I'd played a big Tess and filled my board, Shadowstepped Tess.

Opponent, on lots of health, clears my board. I take fatigue. Out goes Tess, big board again, including taunts - but this time I shuffled 17 Tess's into my deck with Togwaggle's Scheme

Opponent concedes - out valuing control Warrior!

Quote From Provataki

my favourite Uldum moment was when i opened 3 legendaries in 1 pack, one of them was Golden !! :D

Gleam Winners

Congratulations to Rgee G. and Jarek K for winning the Gleam giveaway.

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