We've got a recap from today's MARVEL SNAP developer stream featuring casting from Ben Brode. We've got some new ability confirmations and a couple of other details you may be interested in.

Don't forget, you can find all the currently revealed cards inside of our MARVEL SNAP card database and location database.

New Information

  • Everyone starts with the same, simple starter deck.
    • Some cards in the starter deck don't have any abilities. (Thing, Misty Knight).
  • There will be 60 locations available at launch of MARVEL SNAP.
  • Every week, a new location will be added to the game.
    • New locations will have an increased frequency of being seen when it's still new (a couple of days).
    • They already have "a ton" of new locations created, ready to launch after release.
  • Closed beta is starting within the next week or two. Go sign-up for it (Android only).
  • Cards have rarities, but all cards have the same chance of being obtained.
    • You can upgrade your cards to higher rarity levels.
    • Each rarity has a new cosmetic flair for the card.
      • Common - Static pictures of the card art.
      • Uncommon - The artwork breaks out of the frame.
      • Rare - 3d effect on the art.
      • Epic - The card gains an animation.
      • Legendary - The name of the card becomes shiny.
      • Ultra - Your card border becomes animated.
      • Infinity - Split the card into two copies, you keep your infinity copy and you get a new common version of it with a special cosmetic effect.
        • You can repeat this process multiple times to gain extra special effects each time.
  • Collection level increases as your cards gain higher rarities and this helps you unlock more cards.
  • Every month will have a new season pass with themed rewards.
    • Every month brings new cards in via a battle pass and later on they will become available for free.
    • Battle passes might be about upcoming Marvel content coming out or previous events in the universe.
  • Each month is a new ranked season.
    • Higher ranks means better rewards each month.

New Cards

The following cards were not previously in our database. Either due to a lack of information or previously not being seen.

  • Juggernaut - On Reveal: If your opponent played cards here this turn, move them randomly.
  • Storm - On Reveal: Flood this location. Next turn is the last turn cards can be played here.
  • Typhoid Mary - Ongoing: Your other cards have -1 Power.
  • Taskmaster - On Reveal: Set this card's Power equal to the Power of the last card you played.
  • Hulk Buster - On Reveal: Merge this cards with a random friendly card at this location.

New Card Ability Confirmations

We previously knew the stats of these cards but not their abilities.

  • The Punisher  - Ongoing: +1 Power for each opposing card at this location.
  • Mister Fantastic - Ongoing: Adjacent locations have +2 Power.
  • Gamora - On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +4 Power.
  • Arnim Zola - On Reveal: Destroy a random friendly card here; add copies of it to the other locations.
  • Mysterio - As you play this, play Illusions to other locations. Disguise this as an Illusion until the game ends.
  • Venom - On Reveal: Destroy your other cards at this location. Add their Power to this card.
  • Sentinel - On Reveal: Add another Sentinel to your hand.
  • Sunspot - At the end of each turn, gain +1 Power for each unspent Energy.
  • Squirrel Girl - On Reveal: Add a 1-Power Squirrel to each other location.
  • Zero - On Reveal: Remove the abilities on the next card you play.
  • Blue Marvel - Ongoing: Your other cards have +1 Power.
  • Dagger - When this moves to a location, +2 Power for each card your opponent has there.
  • Red Skull - Ongoing: Enemy cards at this location have +2 Power.
  • Cloak - On Reveal: Next turn, both players can move cards to this location.

New Card Flavor Text Confirmations

New Locations

We're going to be going over the video again just to make sure we didn't miss anything, but if you saw something new, feel free to let us know in the comments below.