Legends of Runeterra will be returning for closed beta access at some point during Q1, but in the meantime we’re taking a closer look at the different Regions for the game. Be sure and visit the LoR official website to register for your chance to join.

In our first article we looked at the Shadow Isles and today we’re going to visit Demacia. The two regions are basically polar opposites. While the Shadow Isles promotes fear and despair, Demacia values honor and justice. The capital city was created to dampen magical abilities by using a foundation of petricite, a white stone that reduces the effectiveness of sorcery. With the King dead and the sole heir, Prince Jarvan IV, left waiting for approval of his succession from the other nobles, it is a very uncertain time, indeed.

Is this enough armor? I think I need more armor.

Champions for Demacia have resolve like no other and protect their region with fierce determination.

Fiora Card Image Garen Card Image Lucian Card Image Lux Card Image

When these characters upgrade it’s clear that they mean business!

Fiora Card Image Garen Card Image Lucian Card Image Lux Card Image

Mechanics for Demacia focus on survival and combat control. Expect to see keywords for Challenger, Tough, and Barrier abilities. Being able to dictate who you are battling is a great combat trick and when your units are so resilient it makes them even more difficult to kill. Although magic use is frowned upon by the inhabitants of this region, you’ll still discover quite a few ways to provide Barriers as a defense or modify follower’s stats with other buffs.

Fleetfeather Tracker Card Image Tianna Crownguard Card Image Brightsteel Formation Card Image

Here’s CHARM3R having fun with a Fiora & Shen Barrier combo deck.

This deck showcases some heavy hitters and ramps up pretty fast to get there.

When looking for a partner region for Demacia you’ve got several good options. You might consider Ionia to take advantage of other Barrier cards. If you’re interested in boosting mana production as quickly as possible then Freljord would make a good choice. You might even choose Piltover & Zaun if you’re interested in some big spells.

My color palette should tell you I'm obviously one of the "good guys".

If you’ve got a favorite deck and would like to share it, please use the Runeterra Deckbuilder on our site. Let me know what Demacia cards you’re excited about in the comments below!