MARVEL SNAP's Hot Location this weekend is Bar Sinister!

Bar Sinister is a great place to stack an Ongoing effect that you want more of, effects such as those belonging to Blue Marvel or Patriot that can buff the rest of the board from their locked-out Location in Bar Sinister. Bar Sinister can also be where you load up with cards that have the ability to Move, like Nightcrawler and Vision so you can disburse them to other Locations as you see fit. It's also a good location to drop one very big card, like Devil Dinosaur or Black Panther - just make sure your opponent doesn't have a Shang-Chi.

However you choose to plan for the Hot Location, you'd better get used to it; being a Hot Location means that Bar Sinister will have a 60% chance to appear for 24 hours, from 7 PM PT Saturday night to 7 PM PT Sunday night (2 AM UTC Sunday to 2 AM UTC Monday).

Blue Marvel Card ImageOngoing: Your other cards have +1 Power. Black Panther Card ImageOn Reveal: Double this card's Power.

Hot Decks for Bar Sinister

If you're looking for ideas of what decks you can play to the Hot Location, we've got you covered: with decks for players just starting out in Series 1, players still moving up through Series 2, and players who are starting to fill their collections with cards from Series 3.

Series 1 Zoo Onslaught

Bar Sinister is back, just in time for the change to Onslaught to matter - mainly thanks to this combo that got pretty nasty when Onslaught's doubling effect was exponential; now it's just a simple case of addition. Still, the deck can be a pretty good time with the Hot Location, and if you want to try out the full combo it's as follows:

  1. Play Nightcrawler to Bar Sinister.
  2. On turn 5, move one Nightcrawler out and play Blue Marvel to the Bar.
  3. On turn 6, move the three other Nightcrawlers out, then play Onslaught to Bar Sinister.

It does get you more of a buff than if you simply played Blue Marvel there, thanks to Onslaught doubling both Blue Marvel's Ongoing and the Ongoing of the other Onslaughts, but it no longer generates the absurd amount of stats it once did.

Series 2 Spectrum Ongoing

This Ongoing list built using cards from the first two Series has a number of ways it can dominate the Hot Location: by stuffing it with Ebony Maw, shutting it off with Professor X, or ending the game with a four Spectrum play that gives +8 Power to all of your other cards (seeing as how they all have Ongoing effects).

Spectrum Ongoing (Pool 2)
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Series 3 Cerebro

Cerebro is one of the trickiest cards to build around in MARVEL SNAP, but also one of the most rewarding. Because Cerebro only buffs the cards with the highest Power, the currently most popular way to build around it involves running a bunch of cards with 2 Power and avoiding anything bigger (Blue Marvel is a special case, since he buffs all the 2 Power cards to match his 3 Power). Putting Cerebro into Bar Sinister quadruples his buff to your 2 Power cards, which is a heckuva lot of stats. Beast is also a fun time at the Hot Location - he'll send back your other cards, then fill the Location and send himself back too, up to the point where your hand is full, at which point he'll stop.

Cerebro=2 (Pool 3)
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Series 3 Patriot

Patriot is another powerful Ongoing AoE effect that can benefit from the extra copies at Bar Sinister. This version of the Patriot deck leans into individual cards without abilities, avoiding summoners like Squirrel Girl, Debrii, and Ultron to keep space open on Bar Sinister for the cards we want to copy there. That's good news for Cyclops, Thing, and Abomination, who get to show off for a day or so.

Sinister Patriot (Pool 3)
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Series 3 Dracula Discard

Our final Series 3 spotlight shines on Dracula (relax, it's not the sun), in a neat little discard deck that can pack the Hot Location with any number of large bodies thanks to the discard synergy it abuses with Lockjaw procs - play one Discard effect, then get another one out of your deck to discard more cards. Discard your cards, your opponent's cards, travel into the future and discard your children's cards. Everything is possible!*

Dracula Discard (Pool 3)
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What are Hot Locations in MARVEL SNAP?

There are two different types of location events in MARVEL SNAP.

  • Sunday's Hot Location that have a 60% chance to appear for the next 24 hours.
  • Wednesday's Featured Location that have a 40% chance to appear for the next 48 hours.

Unlike the Featured Location (which is always a new Location), Sunday's Hot Location will pull from the pool of existing Locations. Its increased appearance rate will shake up the meta for a day - for example, Odin was the finisher of choice for many players when Kamar-Taj was the Hot Location.

Have your own strategy for capitalizing on the Bar Sinister Hot Location? Share your thoughts (and decks) in the comments!