Starting a new game can be daunting sometimes, but here at Out of Cards, we've got you covered! Here's everything that you need to know to dive right in and start playing the hottest new digital card game, Legends of Runeterra. Open beta starts this Friday (1/24) and everyone who wants to play will be able to participate.

Play in the open beta to get this Moonstruck Poro guardian.

How to Begin

  • Register an account. Go to the Official Website and create a Riot account.
  • Download the client. You should have a link in your registration email.
  • Once the open beta begins on Friday, January 24, you can start playing!

The Basics of Legends of Runeterra

  • Decks are 40 cards, can only contain 6 Champions (up to 3 of each), and only include two Regions.
  • Champion: These are your heavy-hitters and you should use them wisely.
  • Follower: These are all other units in your deck.
  • Spell: You’ve got 3 different kinds of spells – Slow, Fast, and Burst. They can be cast at different times, with Slow spells happening outside of combat.
  • Keywords: You’ll find a lot of similar mechanics to existing card games. If you’re not sure about a keyword, you can always count on the in-game tool tips to tell you exactly what it does.
  • Card Stats: Much like other games, you will find familiar Cost, Power, and Health on cards.
  • Your Nexus has 20 Health and the game ends when it reaches zero. Protect it!

If you've played other digital card games you will be familiar with a lot of basic gameplay.

The Regions of Legends of Runeterra

Below we've got an article for each region, containing its background, mechanics, and play style.



Legends of Runeterra Rewards & Economy

  • There are no randomized packs to purchase in the game.
  • You can decide which Region to unlock first. This will influence where your primary drops come from.
  • Every Tuesday the Vault unlocks, which contains more rewards, depending on your progress. Reaching level 10 will guarantee you a Champion.
  • You can also be rewarded with Wildcards, which can be used to craft any card of corresponding rarity.

The reward system is generous and you don't have to deal with randomized packs.

Legends of Runeterra Tools & Resources

Check out the different tools we have to offer to make your experience with Legends of Runeterra better.