Kael'Thas Shaman

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The game plan is simple,  use Lightning Blooms to help cast Kael'thas Sunstrider, and then with the help of us ability, cast Eye of the Storm to make a massive board that is a pain for our opponents to deal with. We have a couple cards to increase the consistency of this combo, such as Diligent Notetaker acting as a second Lightning Bloom if it is already in play, and Runic Carvings being a backup Eye of the Storm, although it is much weaker.

Other combos that exist in the deck are the [Hearthstone Card (Fist of Ra-den) Not Found] + 1 mana spell combo. For those unaware there is currently only 1 legendary minion with a mana cost of 1, that being Reliquary of Souls. This means that we can essentially print out copies of the prime and eventually wall off the opponent with them.

The rest of the deck is designed to slow down the opponent to let one of our two main game plans down, with some of the notable cards being Instructor Fireheart and Groundskeeper, both of which should both do a decent job at slowing the game down.

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