11-Win Secret Highlander Hunter

Last updated 3 months, 4 weeks ago
  • Archetype Highlander Hunter
  • Format Tavern Brawl
  • Deck Type Tavern Brawl
  • Views 2664
  • Crafting Cost 13800
  • Your Cost Coming Soon
CableKnight's Avatar Content Squad 6

Got 11 wins with this deck, losing only to the mirror. Pretty solid in most matchups, just gotta know what to mulligan against different decks. 

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  • JodyV's Avatar 155 56 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
    Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    I don't have Dinotamer Brann so I've just added King Krush himself because i'm lazy and tired. 

  • Elementalcore100's Avatar 35 1 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    I played a similar version of this Highlander Secret Hunter deck, I liked it a lot and I may make my own guide on it, but for now, I hope you can appreciate some gameplay of this solid deck on the good guide.

  • louzy82's Avatar 35 3 Posts Joined 06/04/2019
    Posted 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    I've been playing a similar deck on ladder and casual and it's performing very well and, more importantly, it's a lot of fun.

    I rarely run out of options and cards 

    I'm missing Dinotamer Brann, perhaps I will craft him later if I keep enjoying the deck but it's not a must have. Siamat is also not a must have but a very good inclusion in almost any deck.


  • tony's Avatar Banned 145 139 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    I'd totally go into using this deck but jesus christ, where are those legendaries in my collection? It's just like maybe I'll rob a bank so I can craft the necessary legendaries I'm missing. I need three of them. 1600 dust times 3.  When I have the ability to waste my money and time to get that many new legendaries on day 3 of the new expansion, I'll give secret hunter a try. I miss the old days of secret hunter when you could pull it off with half the legendaries.

    • CableKnight's Avatar Content Squad Rexxar 300 148 Posts Joined 03/14/2019
      Posted 3 months, 4 weeks ago

      You really don't need all these legendaries, this is just the highlander list where we have to choose the 30 best hunter cards. You can play normal secret hunter and cut Siamat, Brann, and Zephrys.

  • metzger's Avatar 135 12 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
    Posted 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    On the first try I only got two wins with the deck, got destroyed by aggro. It seems to be the weak point of the deck.

    On the second try though I got eight wins. Less aggro matchups, more quest decks. mech-hunters, I somehow even won against two bomb-warriors despite them blocking my reno-cards.

    Overall the deck is cool. I like reno-hunter a lot.

  • F's Avatar 50 6 Posts Joined 08/07/2019
    Posted 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    Fun Deck. Had 7-0. Then Met some Taunt Warriors and a Quest Rogue

  • Osh92's Avatar Pikachu 185 42 Posts Joined 07/03/2019
    Posted 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    Waiting for guide)

  • Horus's Avatar Stalagg 605 752 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 4 months ago

    Fun brew, thanks for sharing


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