The Boomsday Project Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

Dr. Boom returns to wreak havoc in The Boomsday Project, Hearthstone's 9th Expansion. It released on August 7th 2018 - Patch Notes

Expansion Overview

Deep within Netherstorm, Dr. Boom's Laboratory has been staffed with some scientists of questionable intent, bringing us 135 new cards. 

Free Stuff!

Players that logged in during the launch period were received three Boomsday packs and one random class legendary.

When puzzle labs launched, players were rewarded 3 additional card packs.

Pre-Order Bundles

Two bundles were available. A more expensive version was available with a brand new hero for Warlocks!

Boomsday Bundle

  • Mecha-Jaraxxus Card Back
  • A random Golden Legendary from the Boomsday Project
  • 50 Boomsday Project card packs
  • Priced at $49.99 USD



This alternate Warlock hero was available only through the Mega Bundle pre-order for this set. She has all-new voice lines:

  • Thanks: "THANK YOU."
  • Well played: "WELL PLAYED!"
  • Greetings: "Welcome. TO OBLIVION!"
  • Wow: "IMPRESSIVE."
  • Oops: "ERROR. ERROR."



Mechs & Magnetic

These were the most mech minions we've seen in a set since Goblins vs Gnomes, however Boomsday brings a new twist to mech synergy. Magnetic is a major component of this set.

  • Magnetic allows the minion to merge with existing mechs on the board.
  • Placing the Magnetic minion on the left of a mech will merge it. Placing it on the right will not trigger this keyword.
  • All stats and text are merged into a single minion. The token of the existing minion remains, but with a buff.
  • Mechs buffed by Magnetic can be silenced.
  • You can fuse as many Mechs as you desire, but but they are vulnerable to silence effects.
  • If a minion was able to attack, it will still be able to attack after having a Magnetic minion merge with it.

Boomsday Mechs

Coppertail Imposter
Kaboom Bot
Missile Launcher
Rusty Recycler
Spider Bomb

Beryllium Nullifier
Damaged Stegotron
Faithful Lumi
Mechanical Whelp
Security Rover
Spring Rocket

Blightnozzle Crawler
Dead Ringer
Piloted Reaper
Steel Rager
Weaponized Piñata

Bronze Gatekeeper
Spark Drill
Unpowered Mauler

Bull Dozer
Eternium Rover
Goblin Bomb
Replicating Menace
Spark Engine
Upgradeable Framebot

Legendary Spells

We have not seen Legendary spells since the first in Journey to Un'Goro. Each has a very powerful effect, and rightly so.

Flark's Boom-Zooka Card ImageFloop's Glorious Gloop Card ImageKangor's Endless Army Card ImageLuna's Pocket Galaxy Card ImageMyra's Unstable Element Card Image
The Boomship Card ImageThe Soularium Card ImageThe Storm Bringer Card ImageZerek's Cloning Gallery Card Image


Projects are a set of 4 cards of a similar theme. Each card benefits both players.

Biology Project Card ImageDemonic Project Card ImageResearch Project Card ImageWeapons Project Card Image


Five Omega cards bring us a mechanic we haven't quite seen before. These average cards get a massive power spike when played once you have 10 Mana.

Omega Agent Card ImageOmega Assembly Card ImageOmega Defender Card ImageOmega Medic Card ImageOmega Mind Card Image

Puzzle Lab

These devilishly tricky puzzles have been concocted by the Lab Heads and their assistants at Boom Labs to test your mettle - don't worry, they're perfectly safe! Just make sure you don't fail any of them...

In the Puzzle Labs, you will find four different types of Puzzle:

  • Lethal Puzzles - Find a way to defeat your opponent this turn.
  • Mirror Puzzles - Make your board match your opponent's.
  • Board Clear Puzzles - Clear the board completely.
  • Survival Puzzles - Fully heal yourself.

Click Here To Skip Revealed Cards

Revealed Cards


Flobbidinous Floop Card Image Floop's Glorious Gloop Card Image Dreampetal Florist Card Image Juicy Psychmelon Card Image Mulchmuncher Card Image Tending Tauren Card Image Dendrologist Card Image Gloop Sprayer Card Image Landscaping Card Image Biology Project Card Image


Flark's Boom-Zooka Card Image Boommaster Flark Card Image Necromechanic Card Image Goblin Prank Card Image Spider Bomb Card Image Fireworks Tech Card Image Cybertech Chip Card Image Venomizer Card Image Bomb Toss Card Image Secret Plan Card Image


Luna's Pocket Galaxy Card Image Stargazer Luna Card Image Astromancer Card Image Unexpected Results Card Image Meteorologist Card Image Celestial Emissary Card Image Astral Rift Card Image Cosmic Anomaly Card Image Research Project Card Image Shooting Star Card Image


Kangor's Endless Army Card Image Crystalsmith Kangor Card Image Glowstone Technician Card Image Prismatic Lens Card Image Shrink Ray Card Image Annoy-o-Module Card Image Crystology Card Image Mechano-Egg Card Image Glow-Tron Card Image Autodefense Matrix Card Image


Zerek's Cloning Gallery Card Image Zerek, Master Cloner Card Image Reckless Experimenter Card Image Power Word: Replicate Card Image Omega Medic Card Image Extra Arms Card Image Test Subject Card Image Dead Ringer Card Image Cloning Device Card Image Topsy Turvy Card Image


Myra Rotspring Card Image Myra's Unstable Element Card Image Necrium Vial Card Image Academic Espionage Card Image Blightnozzle Crawler Card Image Necrium Blade Card Image Pogo-Hopper Card Image Crazed Chemist Card Image Lab Recruiter Card Image Violet Haze Card Image


The Storm Bringer Card Image Electra Stormsurge Card Image Thunderhead Card Image Omega Mind Card Image Eureka! Card Image Storm Chaser Card Image Voltaic Burst Card Image Elementary Reaction Card Image Menacing Nimbus Card Image Beakered Lightning Card Image


Dr. Morrigan Card Image The Soularium Card Image Ectomancy Card Image Omega Agent Card Image Nethersoul Buster Card Image Void Analyst Card Image Soul Infusion Card Image Doubling Imp Card Image Demonic Project Card Image Spirit Bomb Card Image


The Boomship Card Image Dr. Boom, Mad Genius Card Image Beryllium Nullifier Card Image Supercollider Card Image Security Rover Card Image Dyn-o-matic Card Image Omega Assembly Card Image Weapons Project Card Image Rocket Boots Card Image Eternium Rover Card Image


Card Backs & Packs



Dr. Boom's Lab

Card Pack

Game Board

Boomsday Announcement Video

Initial Reveal VOD

Final Reveal VOD


  • Hydrafrog's Avatar 280 162 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    RIP Dr Boom.... I hope that it will still be just as destructive at 9 mana instead of 7 and only giving 5 armor

  • ArcticFox's Avatar 215 85 Posts Joined 05/30/2019
    Posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    This guide looks amazing! Great job!

    I loved that Boomsday Announcement Video. There was also a commercial called "The Boomsday Project: Here Comes The BOOM! (Rube Goldberg)" which I think is worth mentioning.


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