Are You Prepared? Card Design Competition

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This Week's Theme: Are You Prepared?

The Demon Hunters are upon us! Sadly, they won't have cards from any previous expansions, so it's up to us to make some for them.

  • You must create a Demon Hunter card for a previous Hearthstone expansion or adventure
    • Any card set is fair game, excluding Basic, Classic and Ashes of Outland. Make sure you're using the appropriate watermark!
  • You can only use mechanics introduced up to the expansion or adventure you chose
    • No Naxxramas cards with Reborn, or GvG cards with Poisonous, for example
  • You must obey the rarity distribution of previous expansions and adventures
    • No Naxxramas Legendaries or Blackrock Mountain Epics, please!

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Competition Entries

Remember you can add a description to your card, so feel free to tell us why you designed your entry the way you did, and why you chose the expansion you did.

Consider that the known weaknesses of Demon Hunters are card generation and hard removal.

Also note that we've given you space for up to one token for this competition, as a trial run of this method of allowing it. We'll see how it ends up playing out and make adjustments as needed.