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Pure Of Heart Card Design Competition

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This Week's Theme: Pure Of Heart

We're looking to give people the purest deckbuilding experience possible this week - get those Neutral cards away from us!

  • You must create a card which has an effect when you have no Neutral cards in your deck
    • We're specifically looking for the phrase 'no Neutral' here - no getting around it with something like 'only spells'
  • Your card cannot be a Paladin card
    • We've seen what Paladins have to offer already - what benefits do the other classes get?

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Competition Entries

We've specifically disallowed them in the rules, but an interesting note is that as of Scholomance Academy, cards like Font of Power and To My Side! wouldn't actually meet the requirements of the competition anyway. They could still be activated while you have a single Neutral card in your deck - the Sphere of Sapience.

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