Blizzard announced with the Year of the Phoenix that we'd see new and returning players receive 1 free deck of their choice from a special set. This guide can help you make a better decision on which deck to take.

Criteria to Receive a Free Deck

In order to receive a free deck, you must meet either of these requirements.

  • Created a new Hearthstone account.
  • You did not sign-in to Hearthstone for the past 120 days.

This should also work on other Hearthstone regions if you haven't signed into them for the same amount of time.

Receiving Your Free Deck as a New Hearthstone Player

If you're brand new to Hearthstone, you'll need to complete some extra steps before receiving your free deck.

  • Log into Hearthstone and complete the tutorial and the Starter Quest line.
  • You will need to graduate from the New Player Ranks (Ranks 40-1).
  • Upon completing these quests, you will be able to select your free Class Deck once you return to the main menu.

What Are In the Decks?

The free decks contain a mix of class cards and neutral cards from the Year of the Gryphon sets and the Core set. This will not only give you a starting deck to play the game but it will also boost your collection for future success - especially when you consider that the decks use popular archetypes. Full decklists can be found further below.

  • Protip: If you already own a card that is in a deck, you still receive extra copies! Free Arcane Dust!

Which Classes Are the Decks For?

All of Hearthstone's 10 classes now have their own deck, with Demon Hunter being added in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.

Which Deck Should I Choose?

A tough question with a complicated answer! We'll try to boil this down easily for you.

Best Free Decks for Returning Players

  • We love the Paladin and Shaman lists. They seem like solid foundations to build your deck upon while also containing the strong Hero cards of the respective classes.
  • Priest, Rogue, and Warlock have the most non-Core set (and non-freebie) legendaries for the best rarity value.
  • The Shaman deck is built almost entirely from the last expansion's cards - great value for a returning player!

Best Free Decks for New Players

  • Anything aggressive (Aggro). They are simpler to play and will get you climbing the ladder!
  • The strongest aggro deck in the current pool seems to be Druid.

What are the Full Decklists for the Free Decks?

You can find all the lists down below along with a quick description.

Demon Hunter - Field of Strife (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Demon Hunter Deck, Field of Strife, is an aggro deck that uses small minions to power its game-ending threats later on.

Kurtrus, Demon-Render Card Image Kurtrus Ashfallen Card Image Ur'zul Giant Card Image

Druid - Mulverick's Fleet (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Druid Deck, Mulverick's Fleet, is an aggro deck. The deck aims to go wide early using the abilities of Razormane Battleguard and Oracle of Elune and refills your hand by Composting the big board.

Cornelius Roame Card Image Wing Commander Mulverick Card Image Oracle of Elune Card Image

Hunter - Take the Valley! (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Hunter Deck, Take the Valley!, is a midrange deck combining Secret synergy in the early game with big game-ending Beasts for the late game.

Wing Commander Ichman Card Image King Krush Card Image Beaststalker Tavish Card Image

Mage - Magical Mastery (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Mage Deck, Magical Mastery, is a control deck. Survive the early game to get to the big board-swinging spells that win you the game.

Kalecgos Card Image Magister Dawngrasp Card Image Balinda Stonehearth Card Image

Paladin - The Immovable Object (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Paladin Deck, The Immovable Object, is a control deck that uses a lot of healing to survive until the big late-game minions turn the match around in your favor.

Lokholar the Ice Lord Card Image Ragnaros, Lightlord Card Image Lightforged Cariel Card Image 

Priest - Deathrattle Disciples (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Priest Deck, Deathrattle Disciples, is a control deck. Get your Deathrattle minions killed to resurrect and re-trigger the Deathrattles over and over again.

Xyrella, the Devout Card Image Xyrella Card Image Korrak the Bloodrager Card Image

Rogue - Identity Thief (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Rogue Deck, Identity Thief, is a midrange deck. Create cards from your opponent's class and replay them with Contraband Stash and Tess Greymane.

Tess Greymane Card Image Shadowcrafter Scabbs Card Image Cera'thine Fleetrunner Card Image

Shaman - Frost Bites! (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Shaman Deck, Frost Bites!, is a midrange deck. Freeze your opponent's threats over and over again while progressing your own gameplan to victory.

Bru'kan of the Elements Card Image Bearon Gla'shear Card Image Cheaty Snobold Card Image

Warlock - Fear Fueled Felfire (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Warlock Deck, Fear Fueled Felfire, is a control deck. Keep your opponent's board empty with your spells before ending the game with your big threats.

Lord Jaraxxus Card Image Anetheron Card Image Dreadlich Tamsin Card Image

Warrior - For the Horde! (Voyage to the Sunken City)

The Warrior Deck, For the Horde!, is a control deck. Keep your opponent's board in check with your spells before Charging to victory.

Rokara, the Valorous Card Image Captain Galvangar Card Image Faceless Manipulator Card Image

Old Decks From Year of the Phoenix

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