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    Posted 3 years, 2 months ago

    This is why you should've stuck with Nintendo.  You have nightmares about running out of time.  The worst nightmare I have on the NES was my parents finding out I held on to my rental copy of Final Fantasy for 2 weeks, costing them the price of the actual game.

    (*whack* Dak you had a Sega as well and you also remember that drowning music.  Need to click the link to rememem..)


    Usually these 'timing' things are set up so that they KNOW the community will complete the whole thing in time.  I've only seen a community miss a deadline in the MMO Trickster

    I miss that game and I miss my sheep but OMFG those drilling challenges!  


    In any case, no worries about the timer.  Though I can get if it triggers you about that tim

    *twitch* TOPIC END!



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    Posted 3 years, 3 months ago

    Just barely started it just ot see and realized something: starting even Normal mode with the random added effect on might not be a good idea. 

    I have "randomly get rush/divine/whatever" and nearly got slammed by the third guy thanks to them getting rushing folks and me having my divine shield minion get divine shield and everyone else getting windfury uselessly.  

    And judging by how everyone seems to be winning with 0 maan sound the bells it makes me wonder about the difficulty of 100% completing this thing with every class, deck, and hero power.