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    Posted 2 months, 1 week ago

    I used to do the achievements just to give me a reason to play past d5 and help advance the reward track track. Now with mercs I’m at 60 on the track and afk while I enjoy other things. Sorry but I can get more xp than the achievements give for doing nothing. People hate mercs?  I hit 400 last track and I’ll do it again with weeks to spare. Not to mention a full collection of fully maxed mercs. That 20% boost will be here in no time. The last achievement I did was for the AV secret cardback. No more wasting time . I’m getting track xp while I write this lolz. Mercs is great

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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago

    No , it was pretty easy just the usual grind but being able to do it all at once and be done was great. I’ll max out the RT levels this time around. When you get d5 and have done all achievements mercs is a good way to get RT xp for letting the iPad sit while you do other things , especially while at work getting paid on top of it

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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago

    Like all Hearthstone things like this …keep trying. Took me 4 tries on this one but I’m done with the entire event now. Glad to see blizzard finally giving something to people who supported the mode by preordering and continuing to engage in it

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    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    You need to grow up kid.

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    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    You actually want something for winning ? How dare you!  

    sorry but you won’t get that from woke blizzard .

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    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago
    Quote From dapperdog

    They can annoy a lot of people by making cards exclusive, or make more people happy playing their game by giving everyone something to enjoy.

    I think most would merely need to be a human with normal amounts of empathy to make the right decision here.

    I knew they were going to give away the card to everyone regardless and this is exactly why the “event” was meaningless. Trying to imply I’m a soulless troll with no feelings or caring for others tells me a lot about you. My comment criticized the people who make the game not those who play it.  By the way the NFL announced both teams who play in the Super Bowl will be declared champions and will receive a trophy. The score will not even be kept because keeping score is offensive and can cause feelings of exclusion. If the NFL really announced this do you think anyone would even care to watch the game ?  W

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    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Your response deserves the high school kid reply ,who knows everything,, you mad bruh? Why you would even respond this way clearly tells me you were upset by my comment so much that all you can say is I need a break? I’ve done everything in the game and own everything in the game. I’ve played it since closed beta. My opinion is that the event was piss-poor and meaningless. No effort was put in to actually make it good and in the end everyone gets a participation trophy.  Maybe you should take a moment and try to think of a cogent response instead of the drivel you typed and then we can have an intelligent discussion

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    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Someone won something,? I must have missed something because the only thing I see is everyone getting a diamond card that isn’t even really used. So amazingly awesome that battle was. Wouldn’t have known because it was all the same to me.. wasn’t this diamond card only supposed to be given to the players who attained high or grand status by jan11th? As with all woke companies everyone , even the losers, get a prize. Everyone will get a diamond Drek card eventually as well too . Another distraction by clueless people who don’t know what they are doing to sustain the façade of being competent. The effort put into this was a 2 out of 10 and absolutely pathetic

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    Posted 5 months, 4 weeks ago

    Why play this when you can play pirate warrior and hit legend while you watch tv.  I’m already done with the rewards track already too. Played since closed beta and this has to be the most mindless legend I’ve ever done.  Bring on the mini set achievements and give me a reason to keep playing

    In reply to Alterac Libram Pally
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    Posted 6 months, 1 week ago
    Quote From Haussenfuss
    Quote From NLbouncyknight

    There s nothng changed about the meta 
    OTK decks are stlle killing all the fun

    Garrote rogue nerf was a joke and is still tier S
    Mozaki mage s even more toxic was predctible becauee of the 0 nerfs it got


    FWIW - the two most-played decks at Worlds last weekend were Quest DH and Garrote Rogue. At the time, both decks were posting sub-40% win-rates on HSReplays, each with play-rates below 1%. It's fair to say that the nerfs didn't make either deck much worse - but those decks weren't nerfed for ladder, they were nerfed for the sake of about two thousand folks in each region that try-hard to finish in top-100 Legend each month. While it has been a meme since the HS open beta that the game has a childishly low skill-cap, it never has - the skill-cap was likely never higher than during the pre-nerf meta-game (top 100 Legends and GMs regularly sported 65%+ win-rates against other top players with the decks, while ordinary folks couldn't beat other ordinary folks even 40% of the time.) Presumably, it's good for the game to have some hard-to-play decks for the A-students to screw around with.

    As far as "nothing changing about the meta-game" - the previously most-played deck has been deleted from the game (OWLTK currently has a play-rate of about 1%, and win-rate of about 44%.) Garrote Rogue and Mozaki Mage have a combined play-rate of about 2%. All the OTK decks combined have a play-rate about half that of Quest Warrior, and only one of them (Bolner Shaman) has a win-rate above 50%.


    its not that the game has a low skill cap.. the game is very simplistic to begin with but as time has progressed the sheer amount of rng and the math involved to manipulate the rng to your favor has grown substantially.The game can’t be play minion A opponent plays minion B. Anyone can count how many turns until they are dead if board states are left unanswered. Without rng the game would be more of a bore than it is right now.  I would hope anyone who sits around and plays a game for 10+ hours a day would eventually be good at it. You see the same cards ,decks and strategies all day so one would figure at some point you should be able to figure it out. The game hasn’t changed since closed beta when I started playing. Combo, aggro , control and midrange . There is nothing different and if you know how to counter each deck and you draw right you can win against unfavorable matchups. Legend for the last months on end has been nothing but learn the quest warrior mirror. You get the board in that mirror and you win . Coin ships cannon turn one and some lucky bombs it’s match over on turn three. Tournament games are nothing but the same decks teched to win mirror matches. I’d love to see no mirror matches because they are boring and are nothing but a coinflip.  

    let’s see some pro take an unfavorable matchup and make it favorable just by his play. Sorry but no player is going to do that because you aren’t going to change math.   I have not nor will I ever care about this game past it’s entertainment and collecting value for me. I’m approaching 17k wins so it’s safe to say I can play the game with the best of them. 
    As far as the meta goes it’s the same old same old from d5 to legend.  Nobody cares about top 100 legend or what those career chair pilots play. As far as I’m concerned they can have their own server and go play with themselves 


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    Posted 6 months, 1 week ago

    I can’t recall being more bored of this game than now. Done with all the achievements .doin g the daily and leaving. When you don’t care about free packs anymore that really says something

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    Posted 8 months ago

    The mercenaries will be used to go head to head in group raids on objectives with multiple players. You heard it hear first. I’m glad I spent the money and have all the other mercs at 30 . Time to level the new ones and get ready for some juicy new items you can only get by winning matches. I hope they bring WoW to the mercs game which is the only way to do it 

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    Posted 8 months ago

    if the patch would ever appear on my Apple and android devices I can log in and claim it as I own every card in the game with almost 75% fully golden so all I have to do is go claim it


    got everything updated claimed the diamond and all the new coins. Made smite gold and promptly cleared all the quests and laughed at how easy it was. Time to level Edwin to 30 and the other new mercs as well. 


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    Posted 8 months, 1 week ago
    Quote From Pereg

    If they were selling more diamond skins that would be one thing, but if you play a lot, I don't see the point in just buying coins.

    This is exactly correct. The genius that came up with the idea that people will continue to buy packs to collect random portraits was sadly mistaken.  
    Worse than that is the genius that decided to give you coins when you buy a legendary bundle if you already have the legendary mercenary . This mode is purely less than beta and blizzard is taking a different approach in putting out games. If players can’t see that the games are being released “half -assed”” on purpose to see how players will react to the game and whether it will continue to be developed or abandoned based on that response. They aren’t wasting money to find and fix bugs because if everyone keeps playing what incentive do they have? Less devs means less cost period.The insane amount of bundles is happening because they are being smart and making money off of the market research they are conducting. Your choices here will determine the future of the coins and how they work in the game.

    Blizzard will find out that people who have all the toons won’t bother to buy more packs because extra portraits are worthless and should be actual rewards for completing the 18 part quest chain for each toon or flat out sold as standalone items.

    The targeted bundles are designed to determine a player’s willingness to spend money based on their current progress in the game. I have all toons at. 30 and have cleared all content 18 of these toons are fully maxed. There is no need for me to buy anything anymore but will I buy 600 coins for $2.99 sure I will but I will not buy anything else.

    The mode is great right now because the card game is worse than watching paint dry. The coins will be used to trade up at a reduced rate in the future to upgrade them to the next level 20 rares gives 1 epic 20 epics gives 1 legendary and so on. I have hundreds of coins that are useless on my maxed toons right now and unless they plan on releasing new skills for each toon that will need to be leveled along with equipment they will have to do something. 

    Until there is a need to have a specific combo of mercs to clear content the current state of the game is spend about $250 to get all the toons then just play the game to level them. What we don’t know is how much per player are they looking to get, This might seem easily answered with “as much as they can” but it’s not that easy. To balance how much cocaine comes out of the bottle when the rats drink it vs how much electricity you are making from them running on the wheel vs how long it will take them to develop a tolerance for the cocaine causing you to have to up the cocaine vs how long til they die is a very complicated thing.

    The internal surveys I took that blizzard sent to me were very specific. I took a bunch of screenshots and maybe I’ll post them sometime but needless to say they were very enlightening.

    All I can say is if they do not patch the mode with new content and quickly there isn’t any reason to keep playing it. The pvp is stale imo and is only there to establish a baseline dollar amount to reach a certain level..

    Ill eventually max out all the toons but it won’t be endlessly grinding this starting content but will progress as the mode does. Right now , after playing since closed beta and owning everything in the game up to this point even I’m bored with it. 
    Trust me when I say…Blizzard will notice when people like me finally leave because when we do we will never come back.. I hope they make mercs a card based WoW with multiplayer raids with monthly rewards and different content. I see the potential here but I don’t know if the current people they employ have the talent to pull it off. 

    We will see soon enough!

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    Posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago
    Quote From Shwarzinator

    The author spent every cent that could be spent on this and STILL didn't get three mercs. That is a travesty. That is criminal. That is not fair play and we should be pissed. AND he got a repeat of a merc he spent real money on! Unforgivable! I call shenanigans. Blizzard's corporate goons have gone too far this time.  And they always prey on the most loyal and hopeful of us. We need to stop this vicious cycle. 


    The only way to stop it ,unfortunately, is to just not buy blizzard products. You aren’t going to change corporate America the only thing you can do is not participate or play their games as you see fit meaning ….bot the game and exploit it as they wish to exploit you. You have to understand that profits are the sole reason any company exists. When you are given a choice to buy their products or not you make a choice. Now is blizzard guilty of false advertising …yes and no. Most people never realize just what they actually buy because nobody reads the TOS for anything . You are engaging in an entertainment activity. Blizzard could shut off the servers right now and you could do nothing about it…read the TOS.  

    I’m not going to defend something that isn’t right but you have to realize morally right and legally right sometimes don’t jive.

    I spent the following:

    3 pre-orders

    3- 40:pack bundles

    1 starter bundle  launch day

    1 welcome bundle launch day.


    Total cost $265 this is with tax and buying with Amazon coins.

    I have all the mercenaries and for many of them multiple portraits. I have fully maxed the best ones in the game and have 12 of them at level 30.

    $265 for entertainment while I’m at work and something for my kids to play when I’m not.

    I open about 350-400 packs each expansion and spend about $2 bucks a day each and everyday between expansions on that amount of packs and I have every card In the game for that mode as well.

    I’ve spent thousands on the game since I started playing it in closed beta. Some people think I’m stupid but it’s just another form of entertainment for me. 

    I agree the portrait thing is pretty stupid but one portrait gives you the mercenary and you don’t need the others.. But when you only have 51 mercenaries and you open 1500 random card rolls in 300 packs you would get all 51 cards pretty easy. .4  portraits a toon makes it 204 cards which is on par with a complete expansion card count. 
    En we d

    What Blizzard needs to do is make a final portrait that is obtained when you get all four of the original ones that can’t be obtained any other way to at least make it mean something..

    I won’t buy another pack of mercenary cards because there isn’t a reason to once you own all mercenaries. Compare this with the card mode where you can obtain a complete 2nd set of all golden cards . My collection is complete and also 70% completely golden. 

    The merc mode is something to grind and entertain me. Frankly it’s better than the card mode right now but it gets boring as well like everything.

    Blizzard will do what it typically does and either you have to be ok with that or not buy their products. For me it’s approaching it’s end because the product is becoming worse and worse. Blizzard will feel it when people such as myself leave and when we do it’s usually for good.

    I have taken enough of their internal surveys to know that they know this.

    Sadly that is the only way  I think they will change course


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    Posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    As I predicted quest warlock banned in wild.  Now my solid gold pirate quest warrior will be even better with buffs….tons of crying on other forums as usual already. 

    on a side note to those of you that dust cards: unless you need the dust never dust anything. 

    this nerf will net me over 10k dust and that’s just the EXTRA copies of the cards.  I have a complete collection so I never dust even useless cards. 

    To all of those that sat through the boring grind of 666 self damage on the warlock quest…..congrats because now that grind is almost unbearable.

    I’m glad I did all the achievements as well. For those that didn’t man I feel your pain

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    Posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    people have to realize that when you make a game that revolves around conditional statements there are bound to be issues at some point. Logic only works one way. And , or , if and only if, if then, not...ect,,,, When you put hundreds of these conditions into a game you will end up with circular logic or "busted" mechanics sooner or later. 

    Wild quest warlock is broken not because of the quest but because apparently armor counts as life and you can play a zero mana card and resurrect only the minions you want to resurrect . A card that makes hero power cost nothing and has no constraints when you have to use that effect also contribute to the issue.

    These cards existed well before the tamsin quest. Why would blizzard change these cards now to effectively change the way only one particular deck uses them? This would make no sense. Trying  to come up with a design for the warlock quest card that doesn't render the card useless in standard and simultaneously not having an absurd power level in wild isn't that easy because you are dealing with two entirely different bags of conditions. 

    Blizzard will ban the quest from wild until they figure out the best way to change it for both modes without having to change to many other things.

    I don't know what they are nerfing in DH.....I don't even think dh is even consistent enough to warrant nerfs.

    Shaman has way to many consistent answers for everything.....

    Hunter is pretty consistent what are they buffing? Whatever they do buff it will be to promote another archetype besides spells or face.

    One thing i know for certain is that I'll have a nice pile of dust to add to my mountain!