Hearthstone in China held a special card back design competition where contestants were tasked with creating a card back that fit the Hearthstone theme. The results are in and we're presenting them down below!

  • The winner of the competition receives their card back in the game.
  • The three runner-up card backs have a chance to get into the game.
  • There are other prizes too - but certainly not as cool!

Thanks to ZelKnow for making the information available easily outside of China. Let's go!

The Winner

Here is the winning card back creation, which also was animated! This card back will be added to Hearthstone at some point in the future. We don't know how it will be obtained yet.

Congratulations to 习洛!


The three runner-ups have a chance of getting their card back into the game. In order of appearance, with card back descriptions written by us:

  • liguang - Blood Elves
  • 羞花 - Serpents
  • 愚者一智 - Murloc Soup

Full Infographic

There are so many fantastic designs. Here are all the top ones from the competition.

Why Not in the West?

This competition, which was apparently judged by members of the Hearthstone team, does make us question why fun stuff like this hasn't happened in the west. Now, to be fair, recently we did have the minion card art contest, but the prizing for that did not include getting your work into the game. There's some really wonderful fan art that we've seen throughout the years in the community that more than meets the art style. It would be great to give some of these artists a chance to also get their work into the game - along with appropriate compensation.

Hopefully, this is the first of many community competitions.

Which Card Backs Do You Love?

We're certainly not going to leave things on a negative! Let us know in the comments which is these card backs you love.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Annoy-o-Tron themed card back, glacial blue, and the troll loa card back featuring Gonk.