Welcome to the Out of Cards take on Hearthstone's Uldum Essentials - Questing in the Desert! We're going to guide you through tested decks for each class with the help of the League of Explorers!

If you join us on this journey, perhaps you will be deemed good enough to join the ranks of the Explorers!

What are Quests?

Quests are collectible legendary spells that first appeared in the Journey to Un'Goro expansion back in 2017. They cost (1) mana to play and will always start in your opening hand, provided you don't toss them back into your deck, ensuring you can get it out early and get digging away at their objectives.

Each quest has an objective that must be met in order to receive its reward, the former usually coming in the form of a deck build-around. We're going to take a look at each of the new quests Saviors of Uldum has brought us, and the great ways to make use of them!

Druids Have Untapped Potential

Untapped Potential Card Image Ossirian Tear Card Image

To embark on this quest, we've decided the best way forward is solid removal through cards like BEEEES!!! and Wrath for early-game removal as we build up to our grand finale - tons of value! Learn more in our deck guide by NudeWookie.

Go Ahead and Unseal the Vault, Hunters

Unseal the Vault Card Image [Hearthstone Card (Ramkahen Roar) Not Found]

Brann is always getting himself into silly situations, but this time he has finally hit the jackpot. By playing a controlling early game waiting for large amounts of summoned minions through cards like Swarm of Locusts and Unleash the Hounds, we'll protect Brann and get him to pass us some of his treasure, in the form of [Hearthstone Card (Ramkahen Roar) Not Found]. Using our roar gives even a small board BIG potential.

Mages are Raiding the Sky Temple

Raid the Sky Temple Card Image Ascendant Scroll Card Image

What treasures did Reno find in the Sky Temple? Ancient scrolls with plenty of cheap spells of course! By casting your Ascendant Scroll, Reno passes you one of the spells he has uncovered in his raid. Just, don't tell anyone, okay? For this deck we've gone full Highlander, making use of perfection through Zephrys the Great.

Paladins Don't Make Friends, They Make Mummies!

Making Mummies Card Image Emperor Wraps Card Image

Sir Finley and gang have embarked on a journey to bring their old friends back to life. We're playing a minion-heavy deck which will abuse Emperor Wraps to sneak out Mechano-Egg that we can attack with or flood the board with more Taunts and Lifesteal. And yes, that is Da Undatakah which will really close out games.

Activating the Obelisk Can't be a Good Idea, Priests

Activate the Obelisk Card Image Obelisk's Eye Card Image

In their quest for infinite power, Priests have decided it was a good idea to power up old titan creation. Thankfully, it didn't appear to do anything negative to Azeroth, so I guess we'll let them enjoy their newfound power for the time being. Delay the game by healing up, activating the quest, and finish things by being the largest nuisance possible.

Every Good Rogue Knows to Commit Bazaar Burglary

Bazaar Burglary Card Image Ancient Blades Card Image

Togwaggle was quite happy when the League of E.V.I.L. landed in Uldum. He didn't get much of a chance at Blackrock Mountain to fill his coffers, so to the market he went! Legend has it if you can steal a few cards from enemies, Togwaggle may give you a nice surprise. The quest didn't really change the underlying structure behind Burgle Rogue, it just made it even better with a huge piece of control.

Get Out of the Water! Shamans are Corrupting Them

Corrupt the Waters Card Image Heart of Vir'naal Card Image

Hagatha is up to no good in this desert, spoiling the little water that we have access to. Should you be successful in helping her out, she'll make sure you have twice the punching power. Our goal is to get 6 Battlecry minions out as fast as possible, which leads us into playing with a low mana curve. Then when that is done, we can flood the board with extra tokens, return minions to our hand with extra stats, and close things with some overwhelming Bloodlust fun.


Supreme Archaeology Card Image Tome of Origination Card Image

HOW DARE YOU DOUBT THE SUPREME ARCHAEOLOGIST! Rafaam has turned you into one of his Lackeys and has forced you into recruiting more of them to his army. We've decided that we want to try and get out of here as quickly as possible so turning to Plot Twist to speed up completion of our quest was an absolute must.

Dr. Boom Hacks the Planet System!

Hack the System Card Image Anraphet's Core Card Image

Dr. Boom is always making someone's day painful, so aid him in his quest for smashing people with steel! We're going to play with Warrior's great control tools while completing our quest as fast as possible with weapon swings so we can quickly get to the overrunning stage where the board is flooded with Stone Golem. Don't forget to hit up the armory before heading on your journey.

Hey, you down there!

While on my journey to Uldum, I didn't have quite enough time tae see all the new cards. Maybe ye can help a dwarf out and point me in the direction of a place where I can be lookin' at 'em all.

A gallery ought to do it!

BREAKING NEWS: Adventurer Uncovers Art in Uldum Tomb

You decided to ignore Brann's request, for now, and have uncovered some ancient art! The scrolls are dusty yet you can make out detailed drawings of camels and mummies, along with texts from their discoverer, Ben Thompson.



Although these pieces aren't cards themselves, they were created to explore the theme of Saviors of Uldum and were used to assist artists with creating the cards we know and love. Super cool!

Quote From Ben Thompson

  • Camels: How does the League of Explorers get all of their gear to Uldum? These silly camels of course! They’re very experienced with stacking too many packs on their back to help Elise and company get to the next excavation site.
  • Sand Mummies: These fun little creatures hide under the random jars and braziers in the ruins of Uldum. Fun fact: The aqua color of their eyes was the catalyst for the colors for the new Reborn mechanic.