Even though it's been announced more than half a year ago, we still know little to nothing about Mercenaries, Hearthstone's upcoming game mode. Fortunately for us, social managers at the Blizzard HQs might have clicked a wrong button, and listed the Mercenaries trailer as public on YouTube. While it was obviously changed as private in no time, people were quick enough to snag a few important details.

First of all, u/BoaPharaoh was able to record the entire trailer: while it does not contain any gameplay highlights, it is still relevant for us!

But that's not all: we have the video's description too! In fact, u/Pealover was quick enough to take a screenshot, which contains a couple of juicy information:

  • Hearthstone Mercenaries will launch on October 12, around a month and a half from now.
  • Mercenaries will be and RPG-based and roguelike game mode, which corresponds to what we already know.

Finally, we have a new art, showcasing a handful of well-known characters:

  • Varian, King of Stormwind, Cariel Roame and possibly Jaina Proudmoore are shown at the bottom, surrounded by light.
  • Lady Prestor and Kazakus are shown above them, in front of a two-headed dragon.
  • The background is made of many characters' silhouette - while not all of them are recognizable, the one above the dragon's right head seems to be King Krush. Are they the Mercenaries we will be able to play in the future?

As far as we know, most of Team 5 has been incessantly working on Mercenaries for the last few months: based on Iksar's words, it's going to be a very large game mode, hence all the work needed to get it ready.