As you probably know by now, Riot Games has just announced Legends of Runeterra and we have a whopping 316 cards - and that's not even counting the tokens! While looking at the card database, some of the cards caught our eye, all of which for a certain reason; They're just like cards from Hearthstone, some glaringly so.

Let's take a look at those similar cards.

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He Got It Out! And Moved It... To A Different Card Game.

Hapless Aristocrat Card ImagePossessed Villager Card Image

Our friendly Possessed Villager we saw back in Whispers of the Old Gods seems to have gotten everything out of his system, and transferred it over to somewhere else. That somewhere else would be Riot's new card game (such a toxic relationship).

And yeah, there's Mecharoo, but this is more on flavor.

Runeterra Rolled Need (or Weed)

Avarosan Sentry Card ImageLoot Hoarder Card Image

Do you think Avarosan Sentry secretly smokes weed in that tower? That would explain why his effect is a Last Breath.

Silver in Originality, Gold in Hilarity

Flame Chompers! Card ImageSilverware Golem Card Image

Fewer stats as its Hearthstone counterpart, but still just as silly.

Keeping With The C's.

Crimson Aristocrat Card ImageCruel Taskmaster Card Image

In the midst of transferring to a different card game, it also seems to have forgotten that it can hit enemies.

Now With 100% Less Card Draw!!!

Purify Card ImagePurify Card Image

Arguably the biggest meme card in the game from Hearthstone, and it's in Legends of Runeterra. Sure, it doesn't cycle itself anymore, but who cares? It's Purify.

Quite the Conspiracy

Navori Conspirator Card ImageYouthful Brewmaster Card Image

Looking at another card, copying it, and making it a little bit different. Some call it plagiarism. He calls it "conspiring".

The Identity Crisis Continues

Sump Dredger Card ImageFelstalker Card Image

Poor [Hearthstone Card (Succubus) Not Found]. She thought she had everything figured out when she became a Felstalker. Turns out, that was only the beginning.

The Scales Have Tipped

Scaled Snapper Card ImageDruid of the Flame Card Image

Don't tell him that he copied Druid of the Flame or he'll snap at you.

There Are No Goons, There Is Only Grime

Greenglade Elder Card ImageGrimestreet Outfitter Card Image

I guess someone took the "grimy" part of the name a little too literally. He should probably take a shower.

It Still Goes On

Silverwing Vanguard Card ImageSaronite Chain Gang Card Image

Things may look a little different now, but we still don't have an answer to the lifelong question: How long can this go on?

Reclaiming the Idea

Chronicler of Ruin Card ImageWretched Reclaimer Card Image

After Wretched Reclaimer claims the friendly Reincarnation effect for Hearthstone in their most recent set, Saviors of Uldum, Chronicler of Ruin is announced and claims the same effect for Legends of Runeterra. Did Chronicler of Ruin claim the effect first during production, or did they try to claim it after Wretched Reclaimer claimed it themselves?

A Literal Copycat

Shady Character Card ImageFaceless Manipulator Card Image

It feels someone took a little bit too much inspiration from their main competitor. Very shady indeed.

I Didn't See This Coming

Ancient Yeti Card ImageNerubian Prophet Card Image

In all fairness, it's hard to foresee this.

(Bonus) The Meme Transcends

Ancient Crocolith Card ImageFlamewreathed Faceless Card Image

If you thought you would escape the memes when you moved to a different card game... Think again.

(Bonus) Hearthstone Called, It Wants Its Keyword Back. Oh, Wait...

Teemo Card Image Amateur Aeronaut Card Image Ezreal Card Image Windfarer Hatchling Card Image

Faerie Dragon Card ImageBeryllium Nullifier Card ImageSoggoth the Slitherer Card ImageTyrantus Card Image

It just so happens that Legends of Runeterra has a keyword called Elusive. Mechanically, their version is basically Flying from Magic: The Gathering, but it shares the same name as the mechanic from Hearthstone that we've been trying to keyword forever. One only has to wonder...

If you want to explore all the cards of Legends of Runeterra, we've got you covered with our FULL Card Database!