Greetings! Meme of the Week is back, and today we're looking at decks that flabbergast your opponent with big numbers, all in one turn! We got Rogues, we got Druids, we got Paladins!

Without further ado, let us look at our first deck...


OTK (sort-of) can still be done! This deck relies on making sure you have a clear path to your opponent's face, having a bit of Emperor Thaurissan helping you out, and dealing 30 damage in one turn!

Southsea Deckhand Card Image Faceless Manipulator Card Image Cold Blood Card Image

Your mission, should you accept it, is as follows: Use Emperor Thaurissan to reduce the cost of the following cards (they must all be in your hand!): Southsea Deckhand x1, Faceless Manipulator x2, Cold Blood x2. Afterwards, on your next turn (make sure you also have a weapon equipped by the end of the "Thaurissan" turn): Summon the Deckhand, apply 2x Cold Blood on it, and copy it with your two remaining Manipulators. Voila, 30 damage in one turn!

That's a lot of cards, so we have a few options to draw our deck faster: Fan of Knives x2, Sprint, Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2. Careful, the deck isn't limitless!

Early-game cards:

  • Blink Fox
  • Literally any cheap removal such as Backstab and Eviscerate. You need to delay your opponent and have the board as clear as possible so you have the space required to execute your combo.

Mid-game cards:

  • [Hearthstone Card (Ancient Healbot) Not Found]: You should need this by now.
  • [Hearthstone Card (Lifedrinker[Hearthstone Card (: You should also need this by now.
  • Gadgetzan Auctioneer: Time to draw that deck! Hopefully, you didn't need to use cheap spells such as Hallucination or [card[Counterfeit Coin) Not Found] by now, which will net you huge draw!

Late-game cards:

Card Analysis & Replacements

I'd like to take a minute to talk about Counterfeit Coin. Initially, I wasn't sure whether it would be worth anything in this deck (or sometimes at all!), however, it has use. If you're waiting for that Cold Blood, but you have no choice and play Thaurissan prematurely, those 2 coins can help you do you combo even with an un-discounted Cold Blood. If you play Gadgetzan Auctioneer on turn 6, you can combo the coin with a Hallucination and draw two cards instantly!

Sabotage - I love its power of destroying weapons, however an Epic Goblins vs. Gnomes card is not something I expect many people to own these days. I suggest replacing it with another Shadow Strike.

Gadgetzan Auctioneer - If you're less interested in massive amounts of draw, removing one of these fellas (as well as Sprint, for something faster) is probably your best option. Look for replacements that provide value. Another Blink Fox would be adequate, or perhaps a Pharaoh Cat, though make sure you don't play a Generous Mummy if you get one! Clever Disguise could also be of benefit, and you might get some game-changing spells from it.

Blink Fox Card Image Pharaoh Cat Card Image Clever Disguise Card Image

The Big Chunguses

Looks like your run-of-the-mill Untapped Potential deck, right? Wrong! This deck has a simple purpose: Throw minions on the board until your opponent quits and spent one hour wiping his tears.

You'll want to complete your quest as fast as possible, to make full use of all the Choose One effects in the deck. There's no particular gimmick to follow here. Once you have enough mana, keep dropping your monstrous minions!

Dreampetal Florist Card Image Untapped Potential Card Image Kun the Forgotten King Card Image

This deck contains 17 Choose One cards. Wicked. Play your Untapped Potential on turn one, then use up all your mana only if you're in dire straits. The faster you get your new power, the better. If you start with a coin, play the quest then use the coin.

Instead of talking about early, mid and late-game cards, I will list the crazy amount of synergies this deck contains:

  • Kun the Forgotten King - Synergy will literally everything in this deck, once you have your new Hero Power. If Aviana is discounted by Dreampetal Florist, you're in for the ride of your life.
  • Dreampetal Florist - Amazing when discounting Kun, Aviana, or my personal favourite, Gloop Sprayer.
  • Gloop Sprayer - If discounted: Play Oasis Surger. Play the Sprayer. Enjoy 4x Oasis Surgers.
  • Overflow - Don't play this unless you really need the health (highly improbable). Play it at the end. Why? Take a look at the next bullet point!
  • Jade Idol - Play only once your deck is out of cards. This is your "post endgame" play. Use Overflow when you deck contains at least 5 Jade Idols (if you still have it), and enjoy filling your board with Jade Golems.
  • Biology Project - Can give you an extra mana in the endgame for whatever crazy play you have in mind, or can help you free up some room to proc Untapped Potential in the early game, albeit at the cost of giving your opponent some crystals as well. Use it with care! I have also found it very effective in wasting opponents' Counterspell or Mana Bind.
  • Naturalize - Always great to have a powerful removal, but giving your opponent 2 cards is not always lovely. However, this would equalize the advantage you get from Overflow, which softens the blow.
  • Marin the FoxWhy is this here? Because you've got so many strong minions that breaking the chest shouldn't be an issue! And if you get the Goblet treasure, using it when your deck is only [Hearthstone Card (Jade Idols) Not Found] will be extremely overpowered!
  • The Lich King - Pray for Anti-Magic Shell. Given your awesome power of playing several huge minions in one turn, the Anti-Magic Shell would further solidify their position on the board, as well as your opponent's defeat (unless you're against a Priest hanging onto a Plague of Death!)

Card Analysis & Replacements

Aviana - As you already have 2x Dreampetal Florists, Aviana is great but not necessarily required. I would suggest swapping her for another Choose One minion, such as Cenarius, Keeper of the Grove (there is currently no Silence effect in the deck) or Starfall, if you find yourself pitted against a lot of aggro decks.

Cenarius Card Image Keeper of the Grove Card Image Starfall Card Image

Marin the Fox - I completely understand if you do not want to use this card. Might I suggest Malorne instead? If you're looking for something cheaper, Anubisath Defender or Crystal Stag might be a better choice.

Malorne Card Image Anubisath Defender Card Image Crystal Stag Card Image

The Lich King - While his effect is mostly irreplaceable and almost always guaranteed to give you a good card (except Army of the Dead), there are other options! If you're looking for expensive, do Siamat (works well with Gloop Sprayer if either one is discounted). Batterhead can wreak havoc on the battlefield against aggro, and Gilnean Royal Guard can take care of almost any pesky Taunt minion.

Siamat Card Image Batterhead Card Image Gilnean Royal Guard Card Image


Disclaimer: The Lich King is not present in this deck. Bolvar Fordragon is!

The goal in this deck is to juice up your Bolvar and take your opponent out in one hit. That can be tough, given that he is merely one minion. For that, I have put some fail-safes in place.

Bolvar Fordragon Card Image Faceless Manipulator Card Image Adaptation Card Image

You'll want to draft Bolvar as soon as possible. Hope he is in your initial mulligan, or at least hope for Crystology, included in this deck for the sole purpose of drafting Bolvar as soon as possible. Disregard all other cards and try getting Bolvar or Crystology.

After that, it's a pretty straightforward path. Keep getting your minions obliterated. I have added a Sir Finley of the Sands, even though the deck contains duplicates, for you to choose your preferred playstyle depending on who you are facing against. If you feel it is more important to survive, try getting an upgraded Priest or Warrior hero power. If you have the space to keep spawning Silver Hand Recruits and boosting your Bolvar, stick to that. All in all, make sure to use Sir Finley close to the end of your deck, choosing either a survival Hero Power or one that can deal face damage, depending on your situation.

Early-game cards:

  • Crystology - Even if you already have Bolvar in your hand, Crystology will make sure you have something to play on your starting turns.
  • Drygulch Jailor - The king of early-game trash dispensing. This bad boy alone will net your +4 attack to Bolvar!
  • Spirit of the Tiger - This is a relatively spell-heavy deck, so make sure to start using the power of the Tiger as soon as feasible to keep your opponent at arms length.

Mid-game cards:

  • Grimestreet Enforcer - Buff everything!
  • Val'anyr - Use as sporadically as you wish, but careful if you have the Faceless Manipulator in your hand! You wouldn't want Val'anyr to land on him!
  • Ivory Knight - Your in-deck healing. Use when you have at least a potential 5 health to restore.
  • The Black Knight - Technically also useful in the late-game, taunts tend to appear more in the mid-game. Clear out any big boys you run into. If you're ready to play your Bolvar, having this guy in hand could be useful if the opponent counters by playing some annoying taunt minion.

Late-game cards:

  • Bolvar Fordragon - Your game highlight, similar to how House always figures out what is wrong with the patient in minute 36 of each episode.
  • Faceless Manipulator - If you think 2 Bolvars would have a better shot at survival, play this on the same turn as Bolvar.
  • Adaptation - If you think a Bolvar immune to spells and Hero Powers would have a better show at survival, play these two on the same turn and hope for the effect to be one of your choices.
  • Eadric the Pure - Purely beautiful in sapping your opponent's firepower. Alongside all your other stat-changing AOE effects, this guy should help cement your win.


What? No card analysis & replacements for the last deck? Some might call me a visionary; others simply a lazy person. I simply enjoy the way the deck feels too much to think of any replacements.

Got a replacement? Let me know in the comments!

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