We've got an awesome look into the creation of the Fractured in Alterac Valley card pack from the creator, Tiffany Chiu.

You can give Tiffany a follow over on Twitter, check out their website and ArtStation. You can also check out some previous work from Tiffany we spotlit - Sideshow Glow & N'Zoth Card Backs and Stormwind Card Pack.

Alterac Valley Card Pack (Final)

Alterac Valley Card Pack Process Steps

You can find a GIF of these images further below to better see changes from each image. Here are the changes:

  1. Base of the Alterac Valley Pack.
  2. More details added to put wear on the pack, the swirl appears.
  3. Further refining of wear details, fur gets more in-depth.
  4. Things get frosty! We also start to see deeper shadows.
  5. Small refinements to shading, snow adjustments.
  6. More depth to the fur, additional contrast helps elements stand out.




Alterac Valley Card Pack Process GIF