A small note in today's patch notes indicates a pretty massive overhaul to some of Mercenaries' newest content. There have been some complaints after the launch of the Alterac Valley Bounties about how the normal versions were quite difficult. According to today's patch notes, Blizzard doesn't agree with this, with one exception, but does think the heroic levels of newer content is too tough.

So, the following Heroic Bounties have had their difficulty lowered. We don't know how this is being done as Blizzard has once again provided vague patch notes, but it shouldn't be long before we can hop in and see how farmable these bounties are to start collecting those sweet tokens.

Additionally, Louis Philips has also received lowered difficulty on normal mode. Here's all the bugfixes and game improvements made in today's patch.

Quote From Blizzard

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
  • Lowered the difficulty of the Snowclaw, High Justice Grimstone, Captain Galvangar, Lokholar the Ice Lord, and Drek’Thar Heroic Bounties, and both Normal and Heroic versions of the Louis Philips Bounty.
  • Fixed a bug where Spirit of Air's Deathrattle would sometimes apply to enemy minions.