The first Grandmasters season of 2022 continued with Week 3 last weekend as 48 players battled through the final week of the regular season in the hope of gathering enough points to reach the Playoffs and Season 2. You can re-live the action with our spoiler-free post below.

Finalists' Decklists

These were the players that reached the final in each region and the decks they brought for the week of Last Hero Standing.

Finalists' Decklists

Che0nsu's Decks

Posesi's Decks

Floki's Decks

Furyhunter's Decks

DimitriKazov's Decks

Pun's Decks


Here are the links to individual match VoDs in spoilers below. Timestamps have been provided by HSEsports.

Day 1 - Initial Group Decider Matches

Day 1 Match VoDs

———- Asia-Pacific ———-

  • 0:27:45 | Decider #1: trahison vs Posesi
  • 1:45:08 | Decider #2: GivePLZ vs okasinnsuke
  • 2:54:29 | Decider #3: Shaxy vs Alutemu
  • 3:55:39 | Decider #4: MegaGliscor vs AlanC86

———- Europe ———-

  • 0:20:48 | Decider #1: Furyhunter vs J4YOU
  • 1:11:13 | Decider #2: SuperFake vs Bunnyhoppor
  • 2:54:40 | Decider #3: Leta vs xBlyzes
  • 3:33:01 | Decider #4: Gaby vs Casie

———- Americas ———-

  • 0:23:53 | Decider #1: lnguagehackr vs DimitriKazov
  • 1:18:30 | Decider #2: CaelesLuna vs killinallday
  • 2:42:36 | Decider #3: Pascoa vs Nalguidan
  • 3:27:08 | Decider #4: Fled vs Fr0zen

Day 2 - Quarterfinals

The spoiler below uses results from Day 1 games in naming matchups, so watch those first if you want no spoilers!

Day 2 Match VoDs

———- Asia-Pacific ———-

  • 0:20:52 | Top 8: DragonMan vs okasinnsuke
  • 2:04:11 | Top 8: che0nsu vs AlanC86
  • 3:27:38 | Top 8: grr vs Posesi
  • 4:20:47 | Top 8: Mighty vs Alutemu

———- Europe ———-

  • 0:16:06 | Top 8: Jarla vs Bunnyhoppor
  • 1:17:29 | Top 8: Frenetic vs xBlyzes
  • 2:12:10 | Top 8: Seiko vs Furyhunter
  • 3:11:07 | Top 8: Casie vs Floki

———- Americas ———-

  • 0:20:35 | Top 8: GamerRvg vs killinallday
  • 1:49:52 | Top 8: Pun vs Fr0zen
  • 2:58:50 | Top 8: McBanterFace vs DimitriKazov
  • 4:19:04 | Top 8: NoHandsGamer vs Pascoa

Day 3 - Semifinals and Finals

Day 3 Match VoDs

———- Asia-Pacific ———-

———- Europe ———-

———- Americas ———-


The results in full, including the preceding off-stream games, can be found here.

Asia-Pacific Top 8 Results

Europe Top 8 Results

Americas Top 8 Results


After one week of Blizzard-guided class choices it was the top two from the first Conquest week, Druid and Demon Hunter, that returned to power in this all-important week. APAC's trust in Rogue continued to be strong, whereas the two other regions selected Shaman as the third favorite pick. Warlock was the only class to almost miss out this week with killinallday being the only player to bring it, while all others saw some amount of play.

Result-based Discussion

In APAC, che0nsu continued where he left off last week and cruised to yet another victory, beating Posesi in the grand final. Despite getting no points from week 1, he was the clear winner of APAC's GM points, followed by okasinnsuke who finished ahead the newcomer Mighty by tiebreakers.

In Europe, Floki was able to make up for his poorly started season by winning this week's Last Hero Standing tournament and getting into the Playoffs spots. The freshly-promoted runner-up Furyhunter would've gotten the #1 seed in Europe by winning the final, but had to settle for second place behind xBlyzes by tiebreakers.

In Americas, Pun followed the same procedure than Floki and confirmed his Playoffs spot with a victory after a slow start to the season. Two other promoted players, Pascoa and GamerRvg, also made it to the top 8, and the total of three newcomers in Americas Playoffs will be more than in any other region.

The winners of Week 3.

Lastly, let's take a look at the final points standings of this season. The top 8 players of each region will advance to the Playoffs, while the rest have finished their Grandmasters careers as Season 2 will include only the top 4 of the Playoffs.


The first season of Grandmasters 2022 will conclude with Playoffs in two weeks, as next week it's time for Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac! Don't forget to tune in!