In today's Year of the Hydra announcement Dean Ayala, Lead Game Designer, talks about future of the Battlegrounds for 2022 and beyond:

  • Since its release in 2019, Battlegrounds only grew in popularity.
  • Battlegrounds' steady growth allowed Blizzard to increase the team of people working on the game mode = more content.
  • Hearthstone E-Sports is going to include Battlegrounds in Lobby Legends, first one already happened last weekend.
    • Total prize pool for Lobby Legends will be $500.000 spread across multiple events during the year.
  • New, large changes to Battlegrounds are going to be known as 'Seasons' from now on.
    • Seasons will come regularly similar to Standard expansions.
  • Expect new minions, heroes and fundamental changes to the Battlegrounds experience.
    • New minion types, keywords, or system changes like Buddies.
  • First Season starts with Patch 23.2 and will bring a new keyword, Naga minion type, heroes and more.
  • New progression system will be added to Battlegrounds at some point mid-year.
    • Your progress and time spent playing will translate into great Battleground rewards.
    • More details the closer we get to a mid-year point.
  • New and cooler-than-ever cosmetics coming in 2022.
    • Emotes are getting a huge facelift.
    • Combat boards are going to enter 'next level'.
  • They are working on expanded competitive features and revamp of the Battlegrounds Hub screen.
  • The teams is looking for any community feedback and content players would like to see in Battlegrounds.

Welcome to the Year of the Hydra

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