Fight evil by starlight, and win games with your might!

I will say, this motto could almost pass off as Hearthstone's version of the Green Lantern oath. Of course every opposing player who temporarily stands in the way of our goals, highrolling one turn after another while we falter, is most undoubtedly evil. May that starred might be on your side instead. 

With everything leading up to and happening immediately after the launch of Murder at Castle Nathria (hint: it's been all very busy), it feels like the month of August is only now beginning in earnest. And here we find ourselves, following the previous 100th Ranked Season of July. Now every future 'official-unofficial' Constructed season shall be marked by such triple digits. 

This card back is a curious one, for its cosmic vibes had initially caused people to speculate just what unexpected directions the 2nd expansion of the year might take. The Warcraft lore is wide and vast, and so we saw hopeful mentions of somehow visiting the Great Dark Beyond or the likes of unforgettable Ulduar. Then eventually Castle Nathria got announced, and we had to settle for a thematic trip to the afterlife of Shadowlands.

Not the first and likely not the last time the monthly card back ended up not having anything in common with its accompanying set launch. In the end we only got Orion, Mansion Manager as a consolation (we talked about how that came to be here).

Celestial Starlight

It certainly does stand out. As always, the card back shown above can be acquired by winning just 5 ranked constructed games (Standard, Wild, Classic) over the next few weeks - with plenty of new exciting decks at our disposal. More Castle Nathria packs await courtesy of the ranked rewards. 

If you want to look at all available Hearthstone card backs, we've got an entire gallery dedicated to just that! Also, don't forget that the game now has a special feature for Favorite Multiple Card Backs - so you don't ever have to settle on just one at any given time, instead being able to choose from a wider personal selection to randomly cycle through. 

And if you ever missed any of the older card back options, it's worth checking whether they might be purchasable through the in-game Collection Manager. The list might not've been updated in a while, but it's a fairly extensive one to begin with. Deep gold coffers most likely required.

Notable Hearthstone Events for August 2022

The business as usual. The summer continues with a variety of Hearthstone events to keep an eye on. At least one of the highlights has already taken place, others may fit into the 'ongoing' category, and there is a lot more yet to come. You can bookmark this space and check back later as more specific dates become available. Meanwhile, we'll be listing everything below in chronological order, with links wherever possible:

We'll be sure to let you know if anything else comes up! Hearthstone's Team 5 rarely shares all their plans well in advance, and some things depend on the overall state of the game.

Current Shop Deals 

Even more offers might appear throughout the month, as is modern Hearthstone's norm. We'll then aim to update this list accordingly, as well as cover anything of note separately. You can keep this space bookmarked if on the lookout for special shop deals: 

May the starlight be with you! How has your own busy Hearthstone schedule been shaping up for this month? Let us know if we've missed any other relevant events and offers!