After the news of Team 5 cooking another Constructed balance patch (the second for the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion) from over a week ago, the Hearthstone community has been constantly waiting for Blizzard to announce the actual changes and the patch's day. Unfortunately for all of us, things took longer than anyone would've ever expected: festivities (Labour day took place last Monday) got in the way and that inevitably delayed the entire process.

However, Nicholas "Decktech" Weiss, Associate Writer for Hearthstone, announced that we're finally going to receive the changes' patch notes tomorrow, meaning that we have less than 24 hours of waiting left!

Quote From Decktech

Hey all, no need to break out the coffee GIFs just yet. Because of Monday's holiday, the patch notes are scheduled for tomorrow, instead of today.

While Team 5 is finally going to unveil the balance changes they've been working on lately, the date the balance patch will go live is still a mystery to us. Based on what Decktech himself stated, things are still susceptible to change, although we feel like it is reasonable to assume that this patch will follow the usual schedule and go live next Tuesday, September 13th.

Quote From Decktech

Info on patch timing coming as soon as we have it locked in.

EDIT: after this article got published, DeckTech tweeted that the team is confident about pushing the balance patch live tomorrow!

Quote From DeckTech

🚨 UPDATE: Team is confident we can get the patch out tomorrow. 🎉

Patch Notes (most languages) are scheduled for tomorrow 9am Pacific. Patch itself to follow (still aiming for 10am, but can't confirm exact time at this point).

Whodunnit? Some of the Patch's Possible Targets

Long story short, still no patch notes (although for a very short time), no patch date and, most importantly, no nerf targets.

That being said we have some really strong candidates, so there's still room for predictions! Buffs are not out of question either: although we received a large amount of them no less than 3 weeks ago, there's no denying that some of them haven't been nearly enough for their respective archetypes (and, in some cases, classes) to become playable.

Just to name a few who might see the nerf-bat, Wildheart Guff and Magister Dawngrasp are quite the powerhouses: even if you don't go all in on them, they're so strong that they'll inevitably make the cut in most decks from their respective classes.

Wildheart Guff Card Image Magister Dawngrasp Card Image Defend the Dwarven District Card Image

As Alterac Valley stood for Hero cards, United in Stormwind stood for... Questlines. Despite Team 5 having nerfed to the ground most of them, there's something about Defend the Dwarven District that keeps this card afloat, even with it being so generally loathed by the community. Speaking of hated, Theotar, the Mad Duke and Sire Denathrius (both released in Castle Nathria) have generated quite the mixed feelings among the players, especially for being so common and so consistent in what they do: respectively messing up players' plans and killing opponents.

Theotar, the Mad Duke Card Image Sire Denathrius Card Image Edwin, Defias Kingpin Card Image

Finally, we have Edwin, Defias Kingpin: probably the most controversial buff that went live with the last balance patch, as it turned an already good card into an even better one. A large part of the community predicted what ultimately ended up happening; is Team 5 going to reverse their decision so soon? Are they going to stand by it? Only time will tell.

What are your predictions for tomorrow's patch notes? Let us know in the comments below!