The last Duel Pass for 2022 is now live in Master Duel. As before, there a two versions: a free Normal one and a Gold one that costs 700 Gems, the same as the previous Pass. By completing the Gold-exclusive Grades, you get the spent Gems back in full. In terms of resources, the rewards are mostly the same as the previous one, with some shuffling here and there. In total, players would look at a gain of 280 Gems, 124 SR CP, and 136 UR CP. It will last for 73 days as of this article going up.

The biggest difference is in the CP, where you have 6 less SR, but 6 more UR. You also get 20 Gems less than the previous Pass, but they've compensated with 20 N CP (thanks, was needed...). Here's a detailed breakdown:

  • Normal Pass:
    • 280 Gems
    • 47 N CP
    • 30 R, SR, and UR CP each
    • Aluber the Dogmatic Icon (at Grade 50)
  • Gold Pass:
    • 700 Gems (basically pays for itself)
    • 80 N and R CP each
    • 94 SR CP 
    • 106 UR CP
    • Green Frame Icon (at Grade 25)
    • Shooting Quasar Dragon art (at Grade 50)
    • Marshmallon mate (at Grade 75)

What do you think of this Duel Pass? Did you manage to finish the previous one? Let us know in the comments below!