There's less than 24 hours until MARVEL SNAP's Warriors of Wakanda Season ends at 7 PM PT on Monday, December 5 (2 AM UTC Tuesday, 6 December).

Here's some things you might need to know before the season ends.

Rank Reset

When the next season begins, every player will be reset to the rank that is 30 levels below their current rank (not highest rank). For instance, if you are sitting in Omega rank, you will reset to level 50 Platinum.


You move to the bottom of whatever rank you reset to; if you're sitting at level 69 Diamond you still go all the way down to level 30 Silver at the reset. Keep that in mind if you're currently near the bottom of a rank - there is no rank floor to stop your slide, so you can go below it and that will change where you start next season.

No player will be reset below rank 10, provided that they've gotten above it prior to the reset.

Ranked and Season Rewards

All ranked and Season Pass rewards that you've earned will automatically be claimed for your account once the season ends if you haven't manually claimed them - you don't need to worry about them going away if you don't claim them, but you should probably still make sure that you claim them anyway.

Season Pass Card and Exclusive Cosmetics

When Warriors of Wakanda Season ends, its Season Pass card, Black Panther, will be added to Series 5, but only briefly. The standard procedure for Season Pass cards is that they will be added to Series 3 during the Season that begins eight weeks after their initial release - February, in the case of Black Panther.  However, since the Series migration requires a patch, we don't expect him to enter Series 3 exactly eight weeks later, but we know he will enter Series 3 sometime during the December 2022 season. Until then, he's in Series 5.

The Warriors of Wakanda Season Pass cosmetics - the Variants, Avatars, and card back - are exclusive to this month's Premium Season Pass; Second Dinner has no plans to make them available at a later date, like they will do with the cosmetics from beta Season Passes. If you want to add them to your collection, this is your last chance to grab them by buying the Premium Season Pass.

December 2022 Season

The December 2022 Season has already been announced: The Power Cosmic will feature a Premium Season Pass with exclusive Variants for The Infinaut and The Collector, new locations like Lamentis-1, and the new Season Pass card Silver Surfer.

Any tips for climbing in the last couple of days? Share your thoughts in the comments!