Priest has been one of those Hearthstone classes that gets a lot of hate from the community and even Blizzard themselves haven't been too thrilled about the class. Hearthstone's Dean Ayala talked about Divine Spirit and the Priest class as a whole almost 6 months ago stating something may be done around the next set rotation.

Well, Dean, you were right. Priest has received those "sweeping changes" you teased us with and it's time we take a look at what is happening to Hearthstone's Priest class. Let's dive in!

Stay tuned for an analytical look at the new cards in a future article.

The New Basic & Classic Priest Cards

Since some cards are being rotated out to the Hall of Fame, we're getting new ones to replace them!

Shadow Word: Ruin Card Image

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Scarlet Subjugator Card Image

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Psychic Conjurer Card Image

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Power Infusion Card Image

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Natalie Seline Card Image

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Kul Tiran Chaplain Card Image

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The Old Priest Cards Getting Changed

Some Priest cards are getting changed rather than completely switching out. It's nice to see some familiar faces.

The Priest Cards Being Hall of Famed

Some of our friends in the Priest class are being moved to the Hall of Fame. Due to the move, if you own any of these cards you will receive their crafting value in full upon set rotation.

Prophet Velen Card Image Shadowform Card Image Auchenai Soulpriest Card Image

Holy Fire Card Image Northshire Cleric Card Image Divine Spirit Card Image

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